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Water-Resistant Shoes

Misty morning run or muddy trail hike, adidas has water-resistant shoes for running, hiking and exploring the outdoors. Stay dry and stay dedicated.

adidas Water Resistant Shoes

No matter the weather or terrain, you can keep your feet dry, comfortable and supported with adidas water-resistant shoes. Keep the wet out of your sneakers with the best of both worlds: functionality and style. Weatherproof footwear should combine adequate sport performance features, like being lightweight and breathable to help you tackle any conditions, while also looking good. Find an array of women's and men's waterproof shoes in a variety of colors and in styles from high tops to low tops. Keep your kid's feet protected from the rain while they climb trees and run around outside. The water-resistant tennis shoes in our range are designed for ultimate comfort while you enjoy any outdoor activity, such as running, hiking, walking or playing a pickup game. Whether you're scrambling up steep hills or playing a late-night match, it's important that your shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable. For any occasion or sport, a pair of adidas water-resistant shoes fits every active lifestyle as comfortably as they'll fit your feet.

For runners hitting the pavement or the backcountry trails, sprinting in wet footwear is never in the definition of a good race. To resist all those wet encounters, water-resistant tennis shoes are the ideal runners' footwear. All-season runners, in rain or shine, snow or sleet, are out there pacing their minutes per mile. Good thing for you, even when the weather shifts, a pair of rain-resistant shoes will keep your feet covered and dry. Running shoes with a reinforced rubber upper around the toe protect your most vulnerable area from toe-dipping into a pool of water. WINTER.RDY technology sheds raindrops and snow, while adidas Boost provides cushioning that adds more power to your run. Even on those warm-weather days, stepping in a puddle or confronting mud along the way can ruin a sunny run. Consider running shoes that are resistant to water, so you never run into wet feet conditions again.

From the golf green to mountain biking and getting from A to B, water-resistant sneakers provide full protection. On the slippery grass of the rolling 18-hole course, you won't want to be slopping around in soggy shoes. Water-resistant golf and mountain bike shoes both look good on the course and afterward while grabbing a bite to eat with your buddies. When you're scaling the steep trails of the Alps or hiking a backyard mountain, you'll want to have comfortable and reliable hiking shoes that can withstand any unpredictable terrain as well as every weather condition. That's why men's and women's water-resistant footwear is an important feature for that next pair of hiking boots. Heavy-duty Terrex hiking boots power over rough terrain and through deep puddles without you breaking stride. For every athletic endeavor and every other day out and about, choose the shoes that keep you looking sleek on your feet.

Kids are playful, and sometimes they like to splash around in puddles or trudge through the mud during recess. They don't think about wet, soggy feet, and so children are prone to coming home drenched from head to toe. For all their playground needs, keep the water away with a good pair of all-weather shoes. When they are driving the 9-iron or scoring goals on the pitch, wet shoes are the last thing on their mind. On and off the sports field, dewy grass and rainy days are hard to avoid. Kids' water-resistant tennis shoes give them the freedom to play without worrying about their feet, because cold feet are a sure way to chill your child to the bone. Avoid the cold and keep them warm with shoes that are rainproof. For the whole family, shop adidas for water-resistant shoes to take on daily puddles and unpredictable downpours.