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Swift Shoes

Inspired by the look of modern-day running sneakers, you'll want a pair of adidas Swift shoes for anything the day has in store for you. They're made with a soft upper that molds to your feet and have a lightweight, springy midsole that feels soft with every step. Dress them up to meet with friends for coffee or a night out on the town, or rock them casually while you're out and about. Pair your Swift sneakers with jeans, comfy pants, a skirt or soft leggings. Look for your favorite color, pattern or design and create your own look.

adidas Swift Run Shoes

Comfort for hours on end, no matter what your day has in store. Swift Run shoes are comfortable, wear-anywhere footwear. It’s the classic runner shape that makes them a go-to for everyday activities when easygoing comfort is the goal. Throw them on in the morning with athletic leggings or joggers and a hoodie, or pair them with jeans and a graphic tee for a casual outfit to hang out with friends. adidas Swift Run sneakers are built with an airy mesh upper and lightweight cushioning that refreshes your every step. From adults to teens to kids, there’s a size and color for every personality out there. When it’s time to take to the trail, adidas Swift hiking shoes provide the same comfort with added stability and traction for uneven terrain. Pick up your ideal pair of Swift Run shoes for your everyday.

Swift Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas Swift Run sneakers are jogger-style shoes with a look influenced by sport, but they're not designed for running. The Swift Run has EVA cushioning and a sleek style that makes it great for city exploration, a sprint to the bus stop or evenings around the fire pit with friends. Learn how to prevent blisters from happening on a run at the adidas blog.
adidas Swift Run sneakers are made in adult and youth sizes and generally run true to size. However, different materials and designs in different versions could make the shoe feel tighter or roomier. To find the right size for you, measure your feet using this adidas size guide.
Change up how you lace your adidas Swift Run sneakers to reflect your personal style. For a clean and classic look, thread the shoelaces diagonally through the eyelets from the outside to the inside. Work up from the bottom toward the tongue, keeping the laces smooth and aligned. Another option is straight lacing, where the laces insert straight across from eyelet to eyelet instead of diagonally. Find your favorite at this illustrated shoe lacing guide.