Sportswear Jackets

When there’s a chill in the air, it’s time to put your game face on rather than sit on the sidelines. Stay warm and ready to move in breathable adidas track jackets, windbreakers and sportswear coats.

adidas Sportswear Jackets

Sportswear jackets from adidas combine breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics with clean, sleek designs, so they can be worn whether you're hitting the peak of your athletic performance or just going for a relaxing jaunt in the park. Our selection of jackets is highly versatile and includes a variety of options to keep you warm and stylish, no matter what the weather might be like or where the day takes you. We have classic soccer-inspired track jackets for when you're cheering on your favorite team, completely waterproof jackets if it starts to pour, windbreakers for blustery days, mid-layers and core-warming vests as well as knee-length sportswear parkas for particularly frigid winters (along with virtually every other type of athletic jacket under the sun…or rain).

adidas uses the most advanced athletic fabric technology for its performance sportswear outerwear, designed to absorb and expel an athlete's perspiration while keeping them insulated from performance-hindering weather conditions. Many of our track tops incorporate AEROREADY, which lifts sweat off the skin and transfers it to a jacket's outer layer, where it then evaporates. This keeps you comfortable, dry and distraction-free during high-intensity workouts. Meanwhile, a wide range of warm materials used in our sportswear jackets guard against the rain and windchill. Many of our rain jackets are made with either the water-repellant coating, GORE-TEX or our own RAIN.RDY tech, which keep external moisture from hitting your skin. For chilly but dry days, our fleece or duck down jackets ensure that you stay cozy, and some are also water-resistant or fully waterproof, to boot.

Staying comfortable outdoors shouldn't mean that you have to compromise on your personal style. The varied silhouettes of our sportswear track jackets — like short bomber jackets, cropped track tops or windbreakers with waist-cinching drawcords — allow you to play with proportions as you like. adidas has fitted jackets that hug close to the body, as well as looser, puffier vests that can be worn with tighter-fitting leggings for contrast. Classic bomber jackets offer a nice compromise in the tight-fit and loose-fit dilemma and might be the perfect in-between jacket for spring and autumn weather, or for outdoor events that are neither overly casual nor overly dressy. Those with a more fashion-forward approach might gravitate toward gender-neutral silhouettes, like a hooded dust coat, designed to fit the vast spectrum of physiques. You can also make a statement by wearing a sports jacket in an unexpected, ritzy fabric, like satin. Regardless of whichever shape or material you prefer, our sportswear jackets typically look great with simple track pants in a neutral color (like white or black). The careful placement of iconic adidas logos adds an understated but effective graphic touch, with the 3-Stripes often used to elongate a jacket's sleeves. Or if you really want to stand out, some of our printed jackets can be paired with matching printed pants, for a full-body explosion of eye-catching design.

Whether you're a hardcore athlete or just a style-conscious sports fan with an active life, there's no avoiding going outside on cold days at some point in the year. And when you do brave inclement weather, you need options in your wardrobe that balance comfort and mobility with proper insulation. And that's when good sportswear outerwear comes into play. An athletic jacket offers an added layer that you can warm up in, at least until your heart rate is really moving, or that you can wear from the beginning to the end of your workout, hike or urban trek. Shop sportswear jackets from adidas, now, to find the perfect outdoor protection you need, no matter what color, style or material you prefer.