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It’s important for youth soccer players to understand why warm-ups are important, how to create a long term successful habit, and what soccer apparel serves well for this critical piece of athletic training. Soccer warm-ups help young creators maximize their capabilities out on the pitch.


The act of warming up your muscles before soccer training or matches loosens the joints and increases blood flow. Warming up is one of the easiest and critical ways for anyone to prevent injury while playing a team sport or individual activity like agility training, running or hiking. The positive effects of proper warm-ups are unquestionable as players become more limber and are able to focus on areas of the body that need special attention while stretching and engaging in light movement. Warm-ups help coordination of muscles and joints while in activity on the field. This can help boost concentration during the game.


Youth players typically don’t need as much stretching to loosen up muscles and joints as older athletes, but building the mindset around this activity will set up good habits as they grow older. Sports psychology professionals, doctors, coaches and competitive players agree that helping young athletes build good habits starts the very first day of joining a team, for training or an activity. Whether a young athlete is a recreational or competitive player doesn’t impact the importance of proper warm-ups.


A soccer kit for warm-ups typically includes the training tee or training soccer jersey and training shorts. adidas designs youth kits with climalite® sweat-wicking fabric to help keep youth players dry and focused on their training drills and practice. Extra stretch in the soccer shorts and tops allow for unrestricted movement while youth players stretch their muscles before jumping into a scrimmage.

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