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Soccer Shirts

Show your love for the beautiful game wherever you go in adidas soccer tees. From relaxed cotton to sweat-wicking performance fabrics, you’re always ready to play and cheer on your favorite teams.

adidas Soccer T-Shirts

Rep the game you love all day long in our adidas soccer t-shirts. Whether you're an avid player of the game or you never miss a game on TV, our soccer tees are made to keep you comfortable on and off the field. T-shirts with AEROREADY technology manage moisture so you can feel dry and reduce distractions while you play. Put one on and run your heart out while you look to gain possession or to break the back line for a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper. You can also rock one to a gathering with friends, to run errands or kick back in the comfort of your own home while you watch the game. Rep some of the game's best players like Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah or Paul Pogba. Each of them have signature styles reflecting their charisma and flair on the field. Their signature logo is the final stamp of approval.

If you don't own a national team jersey, there's no better way to represent your country than one of our soccer shirts. Show everyone who the world champions are with an Argentina shirt, rep the underdog magic of Japan or show your Spanish pride with a Spain shirt. Tees with HEAT.RDY help you stay cool when the heat is on. That could be a hot day out or those precious last minutes of the game when you're trying to pull level. If you're a Premier League fan, check out our Arsenal, Manchester United, Leicester City and Fulham shirts to rep your club to the fullest. If you're a fan of some of the biggest clubs in Europe, we have a wide range of Real Madrid, Juventus, Benfica and many other club shirts to show your allegiance. Put them on to watch the game or hang out with friends during a barbecue, party or any other gathering.

Soccer tops can be minimalistic or vibrant in style, depending on your preference. You can rock a minimal design with the Badge of Sport logo and wear it with a jacket or under a hoodie. Graphic shirts have soccer-inspired themes while signature styles from Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah often nod to their charisma and their style of play. Collaborations with Disney and LEGO® bring about vibrant and colorful designs with a fun-loving vibe. Put them on for a get-together with friends or to play a casual game over the weekend and put your soccer skills to the test. Soccer t-shirts made with cotton single jersey are soft and lightweight so you can move freely, whether you're chasing down your man on defense, breezing past the defense or showing your nifty footwork in one-on-one situations. AEROREADY helps you stay dry during those high-pressure free kicks and the last minutes of regulation.

adidas soccer shirts made with heavyweight cotton fabric have a thicker, more structured look and are great to wear off the court while you're hanging out with friends. Lifestyler shirts often take after the club's third kit. You can wear them with a track jacket, a pair of shorts or training pants while you're out and about. Minimal soccer tees with the club crest are a nice way to rep your team without calling too much attention to yourself. They're often made to style with other soccer clothing, matched with similar color clothes or mixed with contrasting colors. The best part of it? You'll look good wearing them on or off the field. So what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of soccer t-shirts and find the perfect color, pattern or design to add to your wardrobe collection.