Skate Clothes

adidas Skateboarding: clothing built to perform. Shop the latest skate clothing, from shirts and hoodies to jackets and pants. Grab a pair of skate shoes to complete your look.

adidas Skate Clothes

From landing your newest trick to rolling through town, adidas skater apparel keep you comfortable while you’re on the move. Stay cool with breathable, lightweight fabrics when your session heats up. Heavyweight tees and hoodies deliver a premium feel while keeping you covered on and off your board. Skatewear has to be as flexible and extreme as you are. Whether you’re getting air at the skatepark or cruising around with your friends, you can’t have anything holding you back. Find bold, dynamic designs and vibrant colors that grab the spotlight wherever you go. For lowkey style, a subtle Trefoil logo provides all the style cred you need. Shop adidas for skate apparel that highlights your energy, matches your vibe and performs as hard as you do.

Skate Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

Most skaters wear relaxed-fit clothes and skateboarding shoes with a flat sole. Skate pants made of cotton twill are a durable material that stretches to accommodate the demands of the sport. Loose-fitting clothes like baggy pants are a classic skate look, though some riders prefer a tapered leg. Shorts are also popular.
Skateboarders wear baggy clothes for unrestricted movement on the board. Skateboarding relies heavily on the legs and feet, so it's important to be able to move freely. But you don't want your skateboarding clothing to be so baggy that it trips you up. Some skaters prefer pants with a tapered leg and stretch fabric for free movement.
Pants that are good for skateboarding are made with durable fabric like cotton twill that has a little stretch built in. Your skate pants are going to come into contact with the ground and your board frequently, so they need to be able to stand up to the wear. They also allow you to comfortably move your legs wherever they need to go.