Plus Size Tights & Leggings

Our adidas plus size tights are designed to fit you perfectly and move as you do during different workouts. Enjoy a smooth and supportive fit, less prone to slide or slip down.

adidas Plus Size Tights & Leggings

Work out in confidence with plus-size leggings and tights from adidas. We can help enhance your active lifestyle and promote your superior athletic comfort. Whether you're a yogi who wants a flexible and stretchy fabric to maximize your vinyasa flow, or you're in search of that athleisure style to feel comfortable and casual, our selection of pants feature high-waisted styles as well as moisture wicking technology. We've developed functional materials that will ensure you're getting the perfect fit for your body. Each of our fabrics have been carefully chosen to help keep you dry, comfortable, and confident. No matter what the season, our plus sizes will have you covered. Whether you're looking for patterned prints, bold colors or classic black tights, at adidas we have something to fit every person's needs. Shop our range of plus-size leggings, today, to complete your active wardrobe.

With the comfort and durability of plus-size workout leggings, you'll enjoy a lot more physical benefits by making them a regular part of your exercise routine. Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY technology is a game changer for both high-intensity workouts and low-impact workouts. By wicking away moisture, a cool and dry feeling leaves any yoga session or cycling class a lot more rewarding. Not only can the technology help your comfort, but it adds an element of endurance to help you take your workout to the next level. And with our Techfit material, the compression fit is perfect to protect your muscle groups and help promote circulation. Our tights are a great way to stay focused on what really matters. Soon you don't notice that you're stretching a little farther or racing up another climb on the bike. For an iconic look that you can take with you from the gym to the park, look for our Adicolor 3-Stripes classic leggings. The high rise and tight fit keep you supported, at home or on the go.

Rooted in sport, plus-size athletic leggings are a rewarding staple of any active lifestyle. From stretchy cotton to Techfit training leggings, you can get a jumpstart on your workout – in comfort – before you turn up the intensity. You want to focus on your reps and beat those personal best goals. You also like a distraction-free exercise and hope you can make that a regular part of your routine. With a comfortable high-rise waist for support and moisture-absorbent fabric, you can enjoy the benefit of a longer workout. If you want a combination of breathability and the close hug of quality compression, look for Ivy Park plus size tights for a truly liberating experience in the gym. They offer enhanced ventilation and plenty of room to breathe with mesh side pockets and a stretchy construction.

Your time on the mat is valuable time you should take for yourself. Whether you're putting in the work for a relaxing yoga session after a long day or heading to the studio to practice your dance moves, plus-size yoga pants can offer you tremendous flexibility while honoring how you choose to spend your time. Through every plank and arabesque, you can have tights that feel like a second skin. Look into Formation leggings for the comfort level that can stretch with your workout. They can absorb moisture to keep you cool and dry, so you can focus on what's important. We combined this material with a special performance knit called AEROKNIT and collaborated with a major international design team to create a truly revolutionary technology so you can train in total comfort. Look for these – and more – in our collection of adidas plus size tights and leggings.