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MLS Balls

Get out and play with adidas MLS balls. Featuring exclusive designs for Major League Soccer, these soccer balls are made for games and training with rubber bladders for superior air retention.

adidas MLS Soccer Balls

Hailing from over 70 countries, MLS players represent the unifying power of the beautiful game. At the center of every electrifying play and nail-biting match are MLS soccer balls from adidas. Since 2006, adidas has created the official match ball for every MLS season as well as a selection of training and recreational balls for more casual play. Play all day with our durable MLS club balls, an affordable choice for young stars developing their game and recreational athletes who enjoy playing at the park. Each club ball is made with a hard-wearing TPU cover and a machine-stitched construction that makes it tough enough for hours of training and drills in the backyard. If you need a ball that's NFHS-approved, opt for an MLS training ball. It has a textured cover which gives it better grip, and it's designed with similar colors and graphics as the ball at the center of pro matches. We also make mini balls, which are scaled-down versions of MLS game balls. They're great for sharpening up your skills or throwing impromptu soccer tournaments in the living room - just watch out for that lamp.

Unlike MLS club balls and training balls which are made with butyl bladders, mini balls have a solid foam core. That means they may still be usable even after the dog chews on them. And if you want to play like the pros, there's nothing like adidas Pro balls. Used in professional tournaments, these high-quality match balls are built for top-level 11-aside matches on grass. They have thermally bonded seamless constructions for a more predictable trajectory, a true touch and low water uptake. The textured surface optimizes flight and touch for assured control, and a butyl bladder keeps them inflated and ready for action. adidas Pro balls are FIFA Quality Pro, which means they're stamped with FIFA's highest rating after tests on circumference, weight, rebound and water absorption. In short: there's no beating pro-level Major League Soccer balls from adidas. Shop our selection of MLS soccer balls, then get out there and play.

MLS Balls Frequently Asked Questions

Major League Soccer pros use balls made by adidas. There are a variety of ball designs used throughout each season. The official size of an MLS soccer ball is a size 5, with a circumference of 27-28", the standard size for players ages 12 and up. There are Pro, Club, Training, League and Competition balls, as well as mini balls for drill training. Read more about soccer ball sizes on our blog.
MLS stands for Major League Soccer, the men's professional soccer league of the United States and Canada. The MLS includes 26 American and three Canadian teams. adidas makes the official MLS soccer ball, and it is available in a variety of designs each season.
Major League Soccer has an exclusive partnership with adidas. adidas makes the official MLS soccer ball as well as team jerseys and training gear. adidas also outfits MLS clubs with jerseys, footwear and training gear. Learn more about the partnership at the adidas news site.