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Men's Waterproof Jackets

Rain can’t cramp your style. adidas men’s waterproof jackets keep you dry in wind and rain while looking sharp, whether on a run or walking the dog.

adidas Men's Waterproof Jackets

Brave the elements in warm, dry comfort with adidas men's waterproof jackets. We offer a comprehensive range of men's waterproof outerwear to keep you dry, comfortable and moving through any downpour. Whether you're searching for a waterproof hiking jacket, a stormproof jacket for the daily commute or an ultra-light running jacket, you're in luck. We have you covered with long coats, athletic jackets and everyday men's rainproof outerwear. Look for waterproof, breathable construction and adidas tech fabrics to seal out wind and rain while letting your body breathe. It's always a good day for a walk when you have great men's waterproof jackets to wear.

You can always count on men's waterproof coats to keep you dry, but finding the right cut that offers a natural feel and versatile style is the trick. Our selection of men's rainproof jackets includes golf jackets, hiking jackets, cycling jackets and casual styles you can wear for anything. Explore our selection of waterproof jackets and coats designed for breathability and comfort, ensuring you stay dry without feeling sweaty and stuffy. Look for features like sealed seams, water-repellent zippers, and adjustable hoods for maximum storm protection. So, no matter the forecast, stay prepared with adidas men's waterproof jackets.


There is probably nothing worse than being sprayed with rain during a workout in the outdoors, or when going to your gym. This is why we include maximum protection on all ends, to keep out the wind and rain more effectively. Seam-sealed designs give wind not even a crack to get through, and breathable insulation keeps the warm in without letting you break out in a sweat. Stand-up collars and adjustable hoods ensure your neck and face remain free of rain and sleet when you go for a hike or run. And if all the gimmicks weren’t enough—our men’s waterproof jackets come in a wide range of colors and cuts to tailor to your needs and style, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Men's Waterproof Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

You can wear a water-resistant jacket while walking, hiking or working out to help keep you dry for a short time in light rain. During a downpour, or for longer periods in the rain, upgrade to a waterproof jacket with GORE-TEX to stay completely dry.
Some rain jackets are insulated to keep you warm, while others are lightweight shells designed for layering. To stay dry and warm, look for an insulated waterproof jacket like an adidas MYSHELTER parka. The right layers can help you get out and stay active all year long. Read more about cold-weather layering.
The most waterproof men’s jackets have advanced waterproofing materials and construction, like adidas RAIN.RDY jackets. Another great choice is a jacket made with GORE-TEX. The material is both waterproof and highly breathable, perfect for rainy-weather workouts and hikes. adidas GORE-TEX Paclite waterproof jackets are lightweight and easy to pack away when the sun comes out.