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Men’s Tennis Shoes


Lightweight men's tennis shoes to lift you off your feet. Seamless, stretch-woven, and designed for every surface — find a pair perfect for your game. Shop adidas for men's tennis shoes, shirts, and shorts.

adidas Men's Tennis Shoes

Keep your feet moving for every forehand winner and backhand slice in adidas men's tennis shoes. Whether you're a pro or you're stepping onto the court for the first time, we've got pair of shoes that will have you bringing your best to every match and training session. The two main factors to consider when shopping for men's tennis sneakers are your playing style and the court surface.

If you prefer to attack from the baseline, you'll want a shoe with ample lateral support to handle continuous side-to-side motion. Durable traction and thick cushioning will keep you aggressive on the baseline. Breathable uppers make sure your feet don't overheat while providing snug support when you need to change direction on a dime. Responsive midsoles soften every sprint, plant, and slide. Pick a pair of men's tennis shoes with adidas Boost if you're playing long sets and could use the extra energy return in your stride. With adidas Boost, the harder you go, the more energy you get back. And if your style is to charge the net right after a serve, select a pair that's reinforced at the toe. This type of player tends to stay on the balls of their feet, so a flexible midsole like adidas Bounce is a good choice. No matter what surface you're playing on, adidas men's tennis shoes come with specialized outsoles that deliver the traction you need for the job. Men's clay court tennis shoes are built to prevent clay from caking up your shoes as you run. Clay court outsoles are thinner and lighter than on other types of tennis shoes, and the upper is designed to prevent bits of clay from getting inside. The outsoles on men's hardcourt tennis shoes are more durable than on clay court shoes. Hardcourts are a less forgiving surface, so shoes come with more cushioning too. Multicourt shoes are suitable on a variety of surfaces so you're always ready to play. Men's all court tennis shoes are a versatile choice for players who train anywhere and everywhere. Shop men's tennis shoes at adidas for lasting comfort from the opening serve to a fifth-set tiebreaker.