Men’s Tennis Shoes



As a tennis athlete, your feet get you where you need to go, and your tennis shoes play an important role in owning your game. Sliding, jumping, dashing, cutting—it’s all part of the intense rallies you know well. Find freedom to create on the court in men’s tennis shoes of all colors and styles.


The game can change quick, and adapting to your court surface is important. Look for a shoe specifically made for the surface type you play on most, like clay court men’s tennis shoes. Although clay courts make the ball bounce higher, the game moves a bit slower, so having a clay court tennis shoe that offers stability and lateral support is key to manning the baseline. A durable tread that keeps you steady and holds up to slides is crucial, and the Adiwear outsole and Adituff toe are perfect for what the clay court has to offer.


When your game takes you to the tennis courts of all types, having an all-around shoe is a good option. adidas all-court men’s tennis shoes are a favorite among pros around the world. Lightweight uppers made of breathable mesh keep you stable and cool so you can make moves with ease. Responsive cushioning from midsoles like Boost and Bounce are great when you take on the unforgiving hard court. A durable outsole will stand up to tough gameplay and keep you from slipping when it comes to smooth grass. Find all-court tennis shoes so you can dominate the game no matter what’s underfoot.


As athletes, we take care of our bodies because they are the only ones we have, and it’s time we took care of our home too. There is no Planet B, and that’s why we’re working to diminish the effects of plastic on earth by redesigning and reusing it. adidas works with Parley to intercept plastic and debris before it enters the ocean, using it to spin the problem into a solution—the threat into a thread. Created out of commitment to the athlete, the sport and the world, Parley Ocean Plastic™ is used to create high-performance sportswear across a range of adidas product lines, from the first-ever upcycled NHL jersey to a collection for pro tennis players. The clothes created with Parley Ocean Plastic™ come in ocean-inspired colors and textures, offering a mindful connection between sport, style, and the planet.

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