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Men’s performance sports vests – for the perfect temperature outdoors

Do you know that situation when you want to work out outdoors but a jacket is too warm, yet a simple jersey won’t protect your body effectively from the cold? Having the perfect combination to keep your body at an optimal heat level throughout your workout is highly beneficial to your performance, so adidas men’s performance sports vests are a great compromise. Lightweight and equipped with various wind and weather-beating technologies, you get the support you’re looking for without limiting your performance and agility.

It’s time to brave the cold and find the ideal warm sport vest for him

Support your workout by keeping your torso warm and benefit from the many technologies woven into the complexly designed fabrics of adidas men’s performance sports vests. Our warmer vests have a snug feeling to them while keeping sweat at bay and repelling water. With Frostguard knit technology, you can enjoy even more comfort and warmth for cool-weather outdoor training. Down vests are the ultimate way to keep the heat in but retain an athletic physique through their slim fit design. Extra side pockets in some of our winter-targeted products can store gloves or a hat, as well as smaller items.

A lightweight performance due to warm-weather sport vests

Vests don’t necessarily have to be a clothing item for winter. By supporting the body in staying dry while retaining heat, you can get as much benefit out of them during the warmer months and transitional seasons. A stand-up collar, windstopper fabric and a PFC-water-repellent finish in some of our products make for the perfect combination to face harsh winds and spring rains. Doubleknit fabrics trap heat to keep you warm without looking as bulky and thick as items designed for colder months. While regular vests might weigh you down during your workout, our lightweight materials enhance your running experience by giving you the chance to concentrate solely on your performance, not the weather.