Men's Outdoor Waterproof Clothes

When you need waterproof outdoor apparel, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Shop for men’s tops and bottoms designed to seal out moisture and keep you dry when the weather has other ideas.

adidas Men’s Waterproof Outdoor Clothes 

When others are dreaming wistfully about the sound of the rain through the trees, you’re actually experiencing it in adidas men’s waterproof outdoor clothes. Everyone else is sheltering inside complaining about the weather. You pulled on your trusty jacket and went out to explore the world. Through rain, snow and freezing temperatures, high-performance jackets and coats have you covered. Waterproof technologies like RAIN.RDY repel moisture and shrug off snow without breaking a sweat. You have things to do and if frigid conditions tempt you towards hibernation COLD.RDY coats have you covered to get things done. Down coats lock in warmth without weighing you down and a heavy-duty parka will help you get from point A to point B without becoming a snowman. Whether you’re exploring a new trail or charging through your daily commute, you want to get to your destination comfortably. Hit the slopes in a 3-in-1 jacket and shred through that fresh powder with confidence you’ll be warm and dry at the end of the run. Two-layer shell pants block out sneaky raindrops and snowflakes as you explore. Browse adidas for men’s waterproof outdoor apparel that blocks out the elements so you can focus entirely on what’s most important.