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Men's Outdoor Climbing Gear


High-performance climbing clothes for men who seek adventure

Whether it's running, cycling or climbing, men all around the world enjoy exercising in the great outdoors. And in order to achieve your goals, you need the right sportswear to back you up. Mountain shoes that are durable and easy-wearing while fitting snugly to your feet will help you climb harder and longer. Men's climbing jackets that include seam-sealed builds keep out moisture, and adjustable hoods provide excellent storm coverage while storing heat. Men's outdoor clothes that feature moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you dry throughout long afternoons on the rock, while gentle materials are cut to deliver you the perfect fit. No matter what the adventure is, adidas clothes keep you moving forward.

Men's climbing clothes designed to withstand the terrain

To fully embrace the mountain, men need warm climbing clothes that still let your body feel the fresh mountain air. Since most climbers embark on many hours of walking, it's important to keep comfortable when approaching the rock. adidas lightweight climbing clothes for men are designed with stretchy nylon fabrics to give you the freedom to move comfortably throughout each stride. Pre-shaped knees give male athletes additional flexibility to help with climbs and scrambles, while regular-fit men's outdoor pants strike a comfortable balance between snug and loose. However big the mountain or however long it takes to reach, our range of men's climbing clothes is there to help you succeed.

Choosing the right clothes to keep you outdoors

In order to combat the rigors of a good long hike, our climbing clothes for men are built to last. Durable, lightweight and comfortable, moisture-wicking fabrics in certain models help you stay dry even when your heart rate goes up, while stretchy designs are made to keep you comfortable when climbing. With snug fits and innovative details, our climbing clothes for men strike the right balance between performance and style.