Men's Hiking Vests

Maximize your layering game with men's adidas hiking vests to warm your core including the unbeatable warmth of down insulation and the easy layering of synthetic fill.

adidas Men's Hiking Vests

Whether you're heading for a quick head-clearing hike or a summit attempt, men's hiking vests from adidas can make a big difference in your comfort levels. Layers are essential when it comes to dressing for the backcountry, and vests are some of your most versatile. Reach for trail running vests when it's storage you need, and find plenty of pockets to hold your gels, dried fruit, hydration packs and extra layers. Opt for men's hiking down vests when warmth is on the agenda. Natural down insulation traps heat close to your body, and it never holds you back with its minimal weight. Synthetic insulation offers the warmth you need plus easy care. When the ferns are dewy and the skies are spitting water, keep adventuring with water-resistant layers that shed both light rain and light snow. One of the main reasons we love vests? Mobility. Sleeveless designs let you move with freedom, never restricting you as you reach for handholds on rocky slopes. Unbelievably versatile, vests can be worn over a t-shirt or hoodie or zipped beneath a windbreaker or rain jacket. They always have a place in your adventure kit, keeping your core cozy at every step. So find men's hiking vests from adidas today, and head off to the trails.