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Men's Headphones

Music and sports are joined intrinsically, often paired no matter the activity. Check out our men's headphones and make the most of your morning walk, a weekend workout or a night at home enjoying your favorite audiobook. Browse all the different options, from standard on-ear headphones to lightweight around-the-neck earbuds and wireless earbuds for when you're on the move. Our men's earbuds come with different-sized eartips and wings so you can enjoy your favorite tunes the way they were meant to be heard.

adidas Men's Headphones

Grab your music and immerse yourself in the moment. We have the men's headphones to help keep you focused on your workout routine. Whether you like a driving beat to inspire extra power or you use music to block out the pain, workout earbuds are the low-profile solution to jamming the tunes any time you hit the gym or go for a run. Tune in and focus on the moment with your favorite music every time you start a workout. Wireless earbuds let you safely stash your phone in a pocket and move without restriction. Earbuds are also the best solution for running headphones. They're small and secure, just right for logging the miles on your favorite trails. Cue up the playlist and get ready to get after it.

When it comes to full coverage, you can't beat the comfort and sound quality of wireless headphones that fit over the ear. Long battery life and extra cushioning make it easy to go for the extended-play workout. Still light and agile, on-ear headphones offer full sound to accompany your next gym session. Whether you use music to wind yourself up or to wind down after a workout, wireless earbuds and headphones put you in charge of the soundtrack in your head. Energize your next workout with men's headphones made with sports and workouts in mind.