Men's Green Hoodies & Sweatshirts


adidas Men's Green Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Freshen up your wardrobe with the adidas collection of men's green hoodies and sweatshirts. We've got you covered with a range of green clothing to suit any of your casual wardrobe needs. Whether you're heading out for a run, painting the town or simply lounging around the house, our green crewnecks and pullovers are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Hoodies have a long history, initially designed to keep heads and necks warm all in one garment. They have become popular as workwear, streetwear and sportswear. Our men's green pullovers and zip-ups offer an ideal color to match with all of your sports gear. Looking mysterious in a dark army green or playful in a bright turquoise, you can choose the men's green clothing that complements your look. The men's green hoodies and sweatshirts in our selection provide comfort, breathability and freedom of movement for all your sports needs or daily styles.

Fleece hoodies became synonymous with the sport of basketball, so much so that they became popularized as "basketball hoodies." Basketball pros and players are often seen sporting basketball hoodies on and off the court, under or over their jerseys. The outdoor sports worlds of football, soccer, street basketball and the like all adopted this iconic sportswear. This item protects both your neck and head with an elegantly simplistic design of a hood that can be easily removed when you're warm and ready to play. This is why green hoodies are the ideal sweatshirt for keeping heat in while training on the field or the court. At football games, layer your men's green hoodies and sweatshirts under your favorite player's jersey — it's a way to support your team and stay warm on a chilly Friday night. Enjoy men's green pullovers in a crewneck for some variability. With the same front pockets you love in a basketball hoodie, a basketball crewneck sweater provides arm and hand warmth without the hood. These are easier to layer underneath winter jackets that already have a hood, and they are sometimes preferred for players who don't need a hood on the indoor court.

Whether you're hitting the gym or heading out with friends, you'll be sure to feel cozy and look great in our selection of green crewnecks, pullovers and more. From pull-up bar to free weights and spin class to Pilates, work out in warmth and style with adidas men's green pullovers. When you are at the gym or training hard, warm up with a sweatshirt that is made with AEROREADY technology, the best way to wick up moisture and keep you feeling dry. And for runners or those who take on the great outdoors, sweatshirts with COLD.RDY technology provide adequate insulation from all the cold elements you might endure. All of our men's green sweatshirts are made with lightweight materials that provide the utmost comfort and flexibility. Stay warm and comfortable in any of our men's green hoodies and sweatshirts all year long.

When you want to look slick out in the city, your men's green pullovers will accentuate your vibe. Thick fleece helps to insulate your body and protect you from the cold. Water-resistant materials protect you from unpredictable rain showers or even a roadside puddle splash. Whether you're looking for a simple and classic design or one with bold and vibrant graphics, we have men's green clothing to match every fashion preference: dark forest greens to represent your favorite college team, pastel greens to match your cool attitude on the court, vibrant mints to make a statement at the skatepark and camouflage to ironically stand out on the city street. Add some life to your closet with some of our timeless and fashionable men's green hoodies and sweatshirts.