Men's FIFA World Cup™ Jerseys

Celebrate the biggest event in the soccer universe in our men's World Cup jerseys. Rep your national team or customize one with your favorite player's name.

adidas FIFA Women's World Cup™ Men's Jerseys

If you're a soccer fan, Australia and New Zealand is the place to be in 2023. But even if you can't get to the tournament, you can still be part of the action thanks to our selection of FIFA Women's World Cup™ jerseys for men. Are you lucky enough to support one of the contestants, or do you have a favorite international team that you like to get behind every time a competition comes around? Either way, you could find something you like in the selection above. After all, adidas supplies 10 of the 32 teams taking part. Pre-match jerseys are a good choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

But if you want something more traditional, go for the classic match shirt. It comes in home and away colors, both of which you'll find in our range of Women's World Cup jerseys above. With eye-popping designs inspired by the beauty of the natural world, many of the away shirts were created specifically for the tournament. Just remember, if you want the match day look and feel, choose an authentic version. But if you're all about comfort and team pride, the regular version is perfect for you. Explore our range of FIFA Women's World Cup™ jerseys for men at adidas today.

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