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Men • Climalite • Shorts

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Beat your best time. Score that goal. Win the break point. Whatever victory looks like to you, achieve it with men's Climalite shorts. Every aspect of their design has performance in mind, specialized further by sport. Supernovas, for example, come with an ultralight construction that's perfect for running. Barricades have bonded seams that allow for free and easy movement—which is just what you need for the tennis court. Factor in the sweat-wicking weave that comes with all men's Climalite shorts and you're all set to elevate your game.


In the early 2000s, development of performance fabric technologies at adidas was rapidly evolving. Born of that era was Climalite. Moisture-wicking and fast-drying, it allowed athletes to push further, dig deeper, and stay cool in every condition. Today, adidas Climalite technology has transcended performance wear to appear across the adidas product line, from soccer jerseys to men’s Climalite shorts, affording comfort to everyone, whether on or off the field.

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