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Men's Turf Baseball Shoes

No matter where you play, get the support and traction you need to win every inning. adidas men’s baseball turf shoes and cleats help you dig in for powerful swings and take off with speed.

adidas Men's Turf Baseball Shoes

Step up to the plate with the best in adidas men's turf baseball shoes. Whether you're stealing bases, sliding in for a home run or tracking down fly balls, you need shoes that respond and perform to whatever the game demands. It's why we offer such a wide selection of baseball shoes to give you the ultimate edge on the diamond. Each of our turf shoes are made with support and traction for maximum performance on the field. With our cleats, you'll dig in for those powerful swings and take off with faster speed. Finish every inning in lightweight cushioning for the most durability and energy return, as well as superior traction for quick maneuvers on the field. Let the shoe absorb the shock before you do, so every slide and jump, dive and catch saves you energy to deliver serious power plays.

If you're not seeing an improvement on the field, try the shoes that have your performance in mind with men's turf baseball sneakers. They were designed to give you the most stability and traction, while minimizing wear and tear on the field. Our selection of iconic designs feature a cleated TPU outsole to really dig into the grass or the dirt. You'll notice the immediate effect of traction and grip on artificial turf surfaces for a huge range of outdoor activities from soccer, football and lacrosse to field hockey. Look out for advanced technologies like adidas Boost and Adizero, which offer unique levels of enhanced responsiveness, as well as superior durability. These men's turf shoes are also lightweight and more flexible than traditional cleats, allowing for greater agility and speed when it comes to performance.

Athletes have to be willing to trust their shoes for ultimate performance, and we take that responsibility seriously. You want to know you'll enjoy stability when it comes to your men's turf baseball footwear. With our Adizero turf shoes, we've eliminated slip and slide and emphasized maximum traction and grip. These turf shoes from adidas baseball have a widened lacing system to lock in your foot to stop any side to side movement, while the synthetic overlays are made to be super durable and hold up to the most demanding training sessions. With the rubber outsole, you can plant your feet on the ground for a pop fly or catch a ground ball without the worry of needing more stability. They're just the kind of men's turf shoes built to enhance your performance on the field.

It's nice to have stability on the field, but we can't forget about lightweight construction that will help you feel fast on your feet. Play the field like a pro with men's baseball turf shoes like our Adizero Afterburner Pro cleats. Not only do they offer incredible support with a Sprintskin upper and a wide lacing system to lock it down for maximum stability, but you'll be lightning fast on the ground with the the Lightstrike midsole. Its superlight cushioning construction makes it easy to lift off and go, as well as come to a hard ninth inning victory sliding into home plate. These cleats will give you a feeling of extra-enhanced speed and agility with less energy waste. Instead, you can save that energy for longer endurance, which is great when you're in training mode or you have to stay on your feet for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued. With a lighter shoe, you'll also help reduce your risk of injury. It's less stress on your body when the energy is absorbed in the midsole. Find more ways to improve your performance with our selection of adidas men's turf baseball shoes.

Men's Turf Baseball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Where cleats have metal or molded TPU studs that dig into grass and dirt, baseball turf shoes have rubber lugs on the outsole that are great for fast moves on artificial turf. The shoes are designed to provide multidirectional traction without slowing you down. You can also wear turf shoes in the batting cage or weight room.
Baseball turf shoes are designed for games and practice on artificial turf. The shoes look and fit like regular athletic shoes, but their baseball-specific outsole helps players run and pivot without damaging turf surfaces, which are shallower than natural grass. The versatile shoes can be worn indoors as well as on field.
Baseball cleats with metal or synthetic studs can damage artificial turf, so don't wear them on a turf diamond. Instead, look for baseball turf shoes with a lug rubber outsole. Turf shoes are designed for speed plus traction on artificial playing surfaces.