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Lite Racer Shoes

Featherlight shoes with walking-on-clouds comfort. adidas lite racer gear gives your feet support without sacrificing style.

The adidas Lite Racer sums up the adidas approach

In some ways, the adidas Lite racer is the epitome of the adidas philosophy. It displays the legendary adidas commitment to features that will enhance the performance of elite athletes in spades, and yet it is a comfortable piece of wear as well, with a hefty dose of the distinctive adidas style and flair that has made adidas sneakers into a fashion statement worldwide. It is the blend of choice, technology, and style that makes the Lite Racer range special. Technology begins with the ultra-lightweight materials used to build Lite Racers. Step into a pair of adidas Lite Racers and you will immediately feel the soft and comfortable cushioning effect, and yet the Racers are featherlight—it is almost like walking barefoot on clouds. There are additional features in some models, such a mesh insets to keep your feet cool and anti-bacterial liners to reduce odors and fungal infections, all to add to comfort and wearability. adidas has not forgotten the importance of its green credentials either; some editions in the adidas Lite Racers range are created from upcycled materials recovered from beaches and shorelines.

Style is not sacrificed to comfort

There is often a drawback to wearing ‘comfortable’ shoes because ‘comfortable’ and ‘sensible’ have almost become euphemisms for dowdy and unattractive, but that is definitely not the case when it comes to adidas Lite Racers. The whole range is carefully designed to maintain the on-trend look that makes adidas so famous and distinctive. The differences between editions can be subtle such as the use of retro references, or more obvious such as different colorways, including a contrasting 3-Stripes, a racy heel strap, or gaming upper and sole. All Lite Racers feature a lace-up fastening to ensure a snug fit and competition standards of performance.

Lite Racer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas Lite Racer shoes have a look that's inspired by technical runners, but they aren't made for running. They're lightweight, comfortably cushioned sneakers for work, school or anywhere you want to go. The versatile street shoes can dress up or dress down and pair well with tights or your favorite denim. For running, look for shoes designed to support the way runners move with a balance of light weight, impact absorption and stability. Learn how to break in a new pair of running shoes at the adidas blog.
The adidas Lite Racer Adapt is a slip-on sneaker. The shoes, made for both kids and adults, have a snug, sock-like feel and a flexible midfoot band to lock your foot in. Some versions also have decorative laces that give them the look of technical running shoes.
adidas Lite Racer shoes generally fit true to size. The Lite Racer Adapt sneaker is a slip-on with a snug, sock-like feel. (Some Lite Racer Adapt shoes have laces on the upper for the look of a technical running shoe, but the laces aren't adjustable.) Different Lite Racer shoes, like the Lite Racer BYD, use a standard lacing system. Those laces can be tightened or loosened for just the right fit.