Leather Superstar Shoes

An icon for over 50 years, the leather Superstar shoes carry the legacy of basketball greats, hip hop legends and style game changers.
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adidas Leather Superstar Shoes

In 1970, the leather Superstar shoes stepped onto the basketball court and changed the game forever. Since that day, the adidas Superstar shoes have found themselves making waves well beyond the court, immortalized in music videos and even in a song. At a concert once, some hip-hop legends told the crowd to hold up their adidas shoes, and a sea of leather Superstar shoes washed over the crowd. Their serrated 3-Stripes and rubber shell toe are unmistakable markers of the iconic silhouette.

The adidas Superstar shoes have long been a symbol for change, something the trainers are in no way afraid of. While the leather Superstar shoes are constantly evolving, the foundation and classic sign-offs have stayed the same after all of the years. But with different colors, patterns and collaborations, there's always an option for a fresh perspective that brings a new take on the legendary silhouette. Start kids young with their own pair, since there are sized down leather Superstar shoes that let future sneakerheads join the legacy just by lacing or strapping them on. They're never too young to start appreciating greatness. In fact, the adidas Superstar shoes know no age — just like they know no limits. Get a pair for the whole family. There's a vibe for everyone.