Leather Upper Hiking Shoes


Leather upper hiking shoes

Through dirt, mud, rain, and snow, push boundaries and set new goals. Tackle tough terrain and run new trails in adidas leather-upper hiking shoes, made to survive rough and rugged conditions. For men, women, and kids who enjoy the outdoors, we have styles and sizes to suit adventurers of all ages. Choose from high top or low cut, specific to your outdoor activity. Built for comfort and performance through long-distance hikes and uphill terrain, our hiking shoes feature leather-uppers, water-repellent outer layers, rubber outsoles, and adaptive grip—all made to support your feet as you hike.

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Go fast and go bold in the great outdoors with leather-upper hiking shoes that keep you dry and sure-footed on your ascent and descent. Our hiking shoes also feature speed lacing, built to support your feet on uneven surfaces, and breathable lining, which helps promote airflow and keep your feet dry. For comfort on long-distance walks, choose from styles featuring Boost technology, a responsive cushioning comfort that supports your feet through every step. The waterproof shoes are insulated for warmth and have a grippy outsole, great for secure footing on snow-covered trails. Our hiking shoes integrate the best of sportswear technologies to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to create their own path and aspire to excel.

Tackle tough terrain with adidas

Built for speed and endurance, our leather-upper hiking shoes are made to keep you feeling light on your feet as you conquer outdoor trails. Combining full grain leather-uppers with sturdy outsoles and water-resistant features, our hiking boots will keep you dry and energized on rocky, rooted terrain. Mix and game your cleats with our hiking gear and equipment; choose from hiking shorts, shirts, jackets, and more, all created to take you to the top.