Kids' Sports Bras

Every move and moment are supported with these kids’ sports bras. Each girls’ needs are different, and we meet those needs with comfort and flexibility.

adidas Kids' Sports Bras

However kids are moving, adidas has a kids' sports bra that's perfect for the situation. Our girls' sports bras are designed for every step of their journey, ensuring comfort and support along the way, not to mention a whole lot of confidence. Because when the fit is right and the feel is right, kids feel good and the sky is the limit. Speaking of limits, all of our kids' sports bras are designed so that the wearer never has to actually feel limitations. Our kids' sports bras are made with the perfect balance of stretch and support, so kids can move their way without restriction. Some of our girls' sports bras are made with moisture-wicking AEROREADY, which means kids stay dry, comfortable and focused. Yoga. Hiking. Training. Dance. Simply just living. Discover all the kids' sports bra options here — from high impact to low impact — so kids can discover their full potential.

Of all the uses for kids' athletic bras, training and sports are among the most common. Sports bras provide comfort, breathability and support for young athletes learning the ins and outs of a new sport, or those who are getting serious about exercise and fitness. Everything about a sports bra is designed to deliver the utmost comfort. They're tight-fitting, so they wear effortlessly beneath a tank top or other workout top as well as beneath a uniform. Their tight fit allows a young athlete to focus not on her clothes but on her performance. They are made from soft, stretchy fabric that fits snugly and allows kids to move without restriction. A soft, flexible band extends all the way around on the bottom end of the bra, keeping it secure during intense movement. Built-in mesh and strategic cutouts allow bodies to breathe. Like all adidas bras, youth sports bras come in a range of colors and stylish designs.

Youth sports bras are not just good for training and sports. Yoga and dance are two other activities where girls benefit from a quality adidas sports bra. Both yoga and dance are all about movement and grace, requiring a certain type of clothing. As with high-intensity training or sports, sports bras for yoga and dance allow kids to bend, flex and extend in comfort. The tight, secure fit of kids' athletic bras ensures that kids can move freely and with comfort throughout a routine. Confident that they are supported, kids are able to develop the skills that let them excel at their chosen activity without getting chafed or bothered by an ill-fitting, inappropriate bra. adidas kids' sports bras are most commonly made with moisture-absorbing AEROREADY, a technology that draws sweat off of the skin, so kids don't have to deal with the discomfort of overly sweaty clothes that distracts them from their activity.

Kids' athletic bras from adidas aren't just made for sports, training and other energetic activities like yoga and dance. They are perfect for wearing during other outdoor activities that entail a lot of movement. Hiking, rafting and skiing are just a few activities where a sports bra is highly preferable to a standard bra. All the activities involve constant motion, which builds up sweat, so AEROREADY technology is especially important. Because there is so much movement, kids want to feel unrestricted through the arms, whether holding poles and carving down a mountain on skis or holding a paddle and navigating through rapids. adidas makes youth sports bras in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in many different stylish colors and prints. Whatever the preferred style and support needs, there's a kids' sports bra that will be the perfect fit. Visit adidas online to see the latest selection of what's available.