adidas Kids' Shin Guards (Boys & Girls)

Start the season right with our durable kids’ shin guards. Check out high-coverage tough shields and single or adjustable strap systems for full coverage.


Make sure they have the coverage they need to play the game they love with adidas youth shin guards. Whether they’re just starting out or experienced players improving their game, players young and old need shin guards to cushion impacts on the field. From all-around shin guards with attached ankle support to lightweight slip-ins, your future superstar can find the style that best fits their needs on the field. A hard outer shell takes the brunt of contact, while foam padding cushions softly against the leg. Adjustable straps or sweat-wicking sleeves help hold the guards in place. All adidas kids’ shin guards are made for durable impact absorption while they play. If they catch a dangling foot as they break past a defender or miskick a volley on goal, they won’t be rolling around clutching their leg. Help your kids slip into padded comfort before they get out on the field. Shop adidas for kids’ soccer shin guards that deliver cushioned performance so they can play with confidence.

adidas Kids' Shin Guards (Boys & Girls) Frequently Asked Questions

There’s not much difference between soccer shin pads and shin guards. Most often in the U.S., they’re referred to as shin guards. Kids’ shin guards have a hard shield that covers the length of the shin to protect from direct contact with the ball or other players while still allowing for the knees’ full range of motion. Shin guards are worn under socks.
Kids’ shin guards should be high enough to cover the entire shin without interfering with the knee. The top of the shin guard should rest an inch or two below the bump under the knee. This ensures protection of the length of the shin bone while allowing for full range of motion of the knee.
Kids’ shin guards are worn under socks. Put the shin guard on first, then pull the sock on over the guard. When kids are on the field, the length of the shin guards should be covered by their socks. Some shin guards come with built-in socks.