Pink Kids' Clothes: Age 0-16


adidas Kids' Pink Clothing

Dress your little ones in kids' pink clothing for everyday activities, game day athletics and all kinds of special events. Whether they prefer bright shades, subtle pastels or classic rosy tones, you'll find the perfect pink outfit for your kids in our collection of pink clothing. From comfy pink tops to matching sets and sweat suits, your child will have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're searching for a casual outfit for everyday wear, something sporty or even an unexpected twist on traditional kids' pink attire, our selection of clothing line for children has all the latest styles. Mix and match pieces from our collection to create a signature look that fits your child's personality. We have hoodies, shorts, tracksuits, dresses and much more—all featuring timeless designs. Empower your kid with clothing that fits their fun and fearless spirit. Put together a wild outfit from head to toe in pink.

Complete your child's edgy outfit with the best in athletic and peak-performance tops in pink. Our selection of kids' pink tops gives them the freedom to choose the perfect pink shirt for an extra color pop that will make heads turn. Choose from classic tees, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and more to complete their pink-inspired look. Pair a pink tee under a leather jacket and high tops for an outfit that is fierce and timeless, like your kid. Have an upcoming event? Find something adorable in pink that boosts their confidence. From tennis dresses to skirts and tee sets with floral patterns or the Badge of Sport, your kid will be the life of the party in their cool new outfit. Have them feeling as comfy as they look cute with an outfit chosen from our collection of kids' pink attire.

Pink is a color that brightens up any day. In the cold, bitter wind or on those dark, foggy days, a cuddly fleece sweater in fuchsia will liven up any activity your kid has scheduled. Have a day planned out in the sunshine? Our kids' pink attire will add a touch of fun in the sun to any playdate or excursion. Pink has a reputation to spice things up and soothe the soul. With a wide range of colorful hues in all types of clothing choices, your kid will surely stand out in their own way. Whether your kid has their eyes set on a monochrome outfit or just wants to add a splash of fun with pink accents ranging from subtle pastels to fiery brights, there's something special for every kid that they are sure to love from our collection of kids' pink clothing.

Pink is a beautiful hue for any gender. Girls rock the color pink because it's a color for rock and roll. Boys power up in pink because it's a color for summoning superpowers. Pink is all that and more, representing those kids who love to be bold and don't need to fit the status quo. Let your kid express their individuality and cool personality in all the pink attire that their heart desires. Infant onesies add a touch of athletic style. Match your toddler to you with a set of classic warm-ups in pink. Pink shorts paired with a pink graphic tees is the perfect kids' pink outfit for everyday wear and playing out on the field. But if they are as big of a soccer hooligan as you are, dress them up in their favorite pink team jersey so they can cheer alongside you on game day. Browse kids' pink clothing at adidas for that pop of energy your kid personifies.