Kids' Long Sleeve Shirts


adidas Kids' Long Sleeve Shirts

For those in-between days when the weather isn't sure if it wants to be hot or cold, kids' long sleeve shirts from adidas are a great option when a heavy sweater is just a little too much with all that extra homework in the backpack. The long sleeves can offer just the right amount of coverage from the sun and still provide plenty of versatility for layering, especially when you're looking for that much-needed protection between your little one and the cold. We have plenty of options that include hoodies, golf polos and more. We offer options from a sporty look great for afternoon soccer practice to a more casual look that's enough for a walk home from school, so you'll find a great fit in our collection.

Prep for the cold while staying warm with kids' long sleeve hoodies. They offer the right amount of extra-cozy protection that comes with a style other long sleeves can't match. A long sleeve allover-print hoodie pullover is an easy, quick way to get the day started when it's a race to school. Convenient and versatile, the simple long sleeve top with a hood will come in handy when the forecast calls for some light sprinkles. Made from a soft cotton that's comfortable from the moment it goes on, the hoodie is a dependable option when it's time to layer up for a cold day, even if the weather feels a bit on the warmer side. It's perfect for all-day wear and frequent washing due to its durable cotton construction. And it's designed with wear in mind. Check out the curved hem and side slit design, which can withstand and outlast even the most punishing days on the soccer field or at the school gym. Try allover-print tights and adicolor pants to complement the long sleeves — your child will get added maximum comfort and a sporty, versatile look.

Give your little one some elbow room for their practice swing and encourage their love of the golf game with a kids' long sleeve polo. A long sleeve golf polo shows off that 3-Stripes style, with wide stripes on the front and a Badge of Sport logo to let their competitors know it's all about the love of the game. Made from a light cotton fabric that's tough on the outside yet soft to the touch, it's also easy on the backswing, and it's a perfect fit when it's time to polish up the A game. A three-button polo collar rounds out the look when it's time to go 12 rounds.

Pick up a kids' long sleeve tee that's durable and versatile from adidas to give your little one a layer of added comfort without taking away their style. The crewneck tee is always a dependable choice when the weather can't make a choice between cooler or coldest. Luckily we've designed the perfect long sleeve tee to prepare your little one when the time is right. The cotton jersey fabric offers a soft fit, and its durable construction means it can go just about anywhere, from the classroom to the practice field. It's a great choice for coverage in the sun, and it provides a useful layer when there's a chilly bite to the air. For another easy pull-on-and-go option, the long sleeve hoodie is as fashionable as it is warm. It's a perfect layer on those cool summer nights, just like our heather curved-hem tee with its soft and lightweight (but still protective) build to keep the little ones warm and agile. Throw it over a tee, or layer it under a track jacket. Either way, it's sure to become a favorite part of their regular wardrobe. Pick up any of our kids' long sleeve shirts from adidas today.