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Icon Shoes

Step up to the plate and swing with confidence. The adidas Icon responds to every move in the diamond, whether you're leaping for a catch or rounding the bases.

Shoes from adidas Icon allow your feet to breathe

adidas Icon offers shoes for every activity and every terrain, but it’s the technology that makes the shoes unique. Made with Primegreen, a superior recycled product, wearing adidas Icon shoes means you care about the environment, too. With technologies and quality material, your feet remain cool from a breathable mesh upper and ingenious vents in the midsole. The unique Boost cushioning system helps energize your gait, making you more comfortable and your workout more dynamic. Some shoes offer multi-colored eyelets, giving you an eclectic fashion sense with each step.

With adidas Icon shoes, your feet never felt better

We all have two feet, yet for some, they don’t always feel good. adidas Icon shoes are the perfect remedy to enhance your workouts and bathe your feet in comfort. With smart science like Boost cushioning that helps return energy to your feet, you’ll feel like going further or climbing higher. Their high-quality materials allow your feet to stay cool by a breathable mesh upper and strategically placed vents in the midsole. The adidas Icon entire line helps your feet move better, and that means fewer injuries. Made with high-tech recycled material Primegreen, you’re also doing the earth a favor by wearing them.

adidas Icon has a shoe for every activity

If you’re looking for a shoe for an active person, the adidas Icon line has just what you’re looking for. For sports like baseball, check out the lightweight cleats with a supportive textile upper and flexible midsole that moves with your feet. For running and walking, the ingenious inside-the-shoe system keeps your feet cool with every step. The unique Boost cushioning protects your feet and helps foot mechanics during movement. The distinctive shoes can handle any terrain, from rocky trails to the baseball field.