Hiking Shorts

Hiking shorts are essential for intense days on the trail when you need to keep cool and move freely with no distractions. Stash your essentials and race off to the trails for a day of adventure.

adidas Hiking Shorts

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with adidas hiking shorts. Built for all-day comfort, our lightweight and stretchy shorts are great when you're ready to gear up for some fun. Choose from a variety of colors and blends to find your perfect balance of breathability and durability. Maybe you're looking for something with a little extra pocket room for essentials like a phone and keys. We have plenty of options for both men and women. You'll stay dry on those tough hikes and enjoy a nice, snug fit for the trails without sacrificing your comfort. They're great for those rugged backpacking adventures that go on for days, and just as versatile for a quick morning hike on the weekend with friends. Bring them on unpredictable terrain or quiet lake walks. We know our hiking shorts are the perfect choice!

When you've decided to step into the great outdoors, our outdoor shorts are a perfect companion for those sunny days when you can't wait to leave the house. Look for the Terrex pro trail running shorts for an ultra lightweight option that you can suit on for backpacking or ultramarathons. When you need shorts that can go the long haul, we made them with pole loops on the waistband to hold poles or a rolled up jacket, like our Goretex. Even when the heat is on your back, your body stays dry and comfortable with AEROREADY technology. The built-in briefs are airy and cool, made for those long, extended hikes when you want to put up a tent for the night, as well as those ultramarathons that never seem to end. The reflective material will make sure you're always visible to others around you, while you can store your keys or ID in a small waistband pocket where it's conveniently tucked away and won't interfere with your workout.

Venture onto new trails and forge your own path with our women's hiking shorts. You'll get distraction free hikes and runs that are cool and dry with AEROREADY technology. The integrated liner in our Terrex Agravic shorts allows you to keep your essentials by your side, for a distraction-free run when you need your hands free. The stretch mesh is great for opening up breathability and getting in a good workout that doesn't constrain you. A no-bounce waistband also means you stay protected and in control. Try our Terrex BCA shorts for a similar fit with a unique style. Complete the look with a pair of Terrex running shoes and a BCA tee with a mesh back panel, where you can enjoy breathability and comfort with the rest of your outfit.

Whether it's for the mountains or the city streets, you'll find a variety of rugged styles – wherever your next adventure takes you – with our collection of men's hiking shorts. When you need to stay on the move, look for our Terrex Liteflex shorts to get you the whole way there. They're stretchy enough for those steep trails and offer plenty of space to travel with all your essentials by your side. Throw on a fleece Goretex pro jacket to complete the look when you want to layer up. Our Trailx Bermuda shorts were made for the days when it's the perfect time to hop on a bike and explore the trails a little faster. These mountain bike shorts are made of a durable construction and were built for a rough and tumble day out on the trails or the bike paths. Saddle up and compliment it with our Sleuth bike shoe. For more outdoor ideas, visit our shop to find adidas hiking shorts today.