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Grey Tights & Leggings

Grey tights and leggings are like your best gym buddy who keeps you going just a few more reps. The neutral tone also plays well with anything in your closet.

adidas Grey Tights & Leggings

From the track to the yoga studio and the trail to the couch, comfy leggings are just the ticket. The color choice is all yours, but you can always count on grey tights and leggings to mix and match seamlessly with all of your go-to workout wear and you favorite casual looks. Our technical compression tights help support your muscles through runs, gym workouts and feel great post-exercise too. Our casual light grey leggings make for extra comfy loungewear when it's time to relax. Shop flattering high-waist fits and comfy mid-rise tights with soft stretchy waist bands that feel great all day long.

The body hugging comfort of our grey flared leggings is second to none. We have women's grey leggings for all ages and to match all body shapes. Pull on a supportive pair of tights and head for the gym, or pick out a comfy pair of leggings for lounging and enjoy a relaxed day at home. Our tights and leggings offer long lasting stretch for a flattering fit that lasts wear after wear and gym session after gym session. Do you prefer full-length tights or a three-quarter length legging that help show off your socks and shoes? Whatever your style, find the grey tights and leggings for you at adidas.