Grey Gazelle Gear


The lustrous allure of the grey Gazelle shoes

The gazelle has blistering speed, bewildering agility and it looks simply stunning. Little wonder then when adidas created its Gazelle range of athletic shoes decades ago this was a wonderfully apt comparison. Today’s adidas grey Gazelle sneakers maintain that proud tradition. Rich leather or that iconic Nubuck suede and serrated 3-Stripes are the cover story for an iconic athletic shoe that melds timeless appeal with contemporary technologies. The result is a sneaker that’s durable, versatile and immensely comfortable. Advancements in synthetic linings and overlays plus that instantly recognizable rubber outsole are intrinsic elements of outstanding style in action.

Gazelles stand out in the shade

There are myriad shades of grey because that’s life. So, the adidas grey Gazelle range take full advantage of that to give you the steely hue that’s right for you. It’s the subtle differences like this along with nifty nuances including the unique adidas Trefoils and the legendary serrated 3-Stripes that make the grey Gazelle shoes the ideal – even essential – part of your everyday wardrobe. Even better, while looks mean a lot, comfort and pragmatism account for almost everything when it comes to making the most of a lifestyle where being out and about is what makes your day. Whether you’re strolling down the avenue or pounding the pavement, here’s a mantra that makes sense. If you feel good, then you look good – simple but true.   

Going grey means looking great

For men and women, boys and girls and even tiny, teetering toddlers, there’s an adidas grey Gazelle shoe that’s the ideal fit. While sizes and styles vary in the adidas grey Gazelle range, every shoe has one thing in common. Durability. Well, two things actually. Durability and style. Because they’re robust and resilient, these are sneakers designed to last, and both the leather and suede models are easy to clean and simple to take care of. They’re designed to take the rough with the smooth so they’re equally supportive on town and bush tracks and are always serenely comfortable. The timeless adidas grey Gazelle is crafted for your ever-changing life and designed for your unique style.