adidas Boost Grey Shoes


adidas Grey adidas Boost Shoes

Around the track, in the streets or at the club, grey adidas Boost shoes give back what you put in. Every pair of grey adidas Boost sneakers has an innovative energy-returning midsole that matches you, stride for stride, mile for mile and dance move for dance move. Our most responsive cushioning ever has transformed the sneaker world on the streetwear, sportswear and athletic training and competition fronts. And thanks to street-style instant classics like the adidas NMD grey, it's helped create a reset and a culture shift in what you expect out of a sneaker's comfort and style. adidas Boost has raised the bar.

How did we get here, though? It took 30 years of searching, but after three years of development, adidas Boost was launched in 2013. Made up of thousands of tiny capsules fused together, adidas Boost's energy return outperforms any previous running shoe. With the unique cell structure of the smaller capsules fused together, these springy and plush midsoles store and unleash energy with every step in grey adidas Boost shoes. Whether you're running, training, just going out for a walk or enjoying a night out with friends, adidas Boost has your back from the moment you put them on. Step into responsive, premium comfort, and choose from our collection of grey adidas Boost shoes.