golf visors

Keep your eyes fixed on that new personal best with an adidas golf visor. Thanks to adjustable bands and glare-resistant brims, these hats help you take aim with precision and sharp 3-Stripes style.

adidas Golf Visors

Golf visors from adidas top off your game with the perfect accessory. Originally developed for baseball, the visor fell out of favor when more and more players began to don what we now recognize as the traditional baseball cap. Players in other sports like tennis and golf quickly realized that there were unique benefits to be had from the visor's wide brim and open-aired design, and for many years, visors–not baseball caps–were the pinnacle of sporty style both on and off the court and course. One of the most famous moments in visor history came when professional golfer, Arnold Palmer, tossed his adjustable golf visor into the air after sinking the putt that won him the 1960 US Open championship. For decades after, golf visors crowned the heads of some of the best male golfers, but it wasn't until sometime in the 1990s that women got on the bandwagon, and the women's golf visor became a common accessory at women's tournaments. Golf visors fell out of fashion just as quickly as they rose to its zenith, but are now making a comeback. In demand everywhere, from college campuses to exclusive country clubs, they're the new "It" hats. Whether you're practicing on the driving range or are busy staving off a serious challenge on the back nine, golf hats don't have to be the only headgear you turn to for comfort. You use different clubs for different shots, don't you? So why not add a women's golf visor to your regular rotation of golf headgear and see what all the fuss is about.

Golf visors offer a comfortable and lightweight lid that shields your face from the elements. With a wide, curved brim, larger than most typical golf hats, you get sun protection plus extra shade that allows for a clear view of the pin under even the most demanding conditions. You'll stay calm and cool under pressure, thanks to their breathable build, while a women's golf visor with a moisture-wicking headband or lining will keep you dry as the temperature and the competition heats up. The structured crown won't wilt during even the most intense play, and offers a touch of extra style that stamps your look with a modern feel. You'll get a personalized, secure fit every time you suit up in an adjustable golf visor with either a hook-and-loop, snapback, strap-back or cinched closure mechanism. That way, not only will your face stay covered, but your hair will also hold its place. And, of course, you won't just be wearing your golf visor on the links. Your visor can do double duty during tennis with a friend from down the street, or you can wear it when you play dealer at your favorite charity's annual poker event. It'll make spotting whales out at sea a breeze on your next beach vacation, and you can tilt it just a touch to the side for a jiggy look at your next tailgate party.

And while its sunblock function and flexible fit are two of the biggest reasons you'll be buying a visor, you want to look good on and off the course, and a women's golf visor might be just the game-changer you need to elevate your look. When you shop for adidas golf visors, you'll find a variety of different materials, designs and colors to choose from, and styles that go from full-on sporty to ready-for-the-street. Whether you prefer classic designs or something with an edgier look, adidas has the perfect adjustable golf visor for you. Shop for golf visors from adidas, and score points with a stroke of style genius.