Golf Bucket Hats

Zero in on your new low score and block out distractions with adidas golf buckets hats. Wrap-around brims and comfortable materials let you enjoy a round in the sun without the glare.

adidas Golf Bucket Hat

Sunny days are meant for playing golf. And a golf bucket hat is made for staying cool and comfortable on a hot sunny day. In other words, summer, golf and wide-brim hats all go hand in hand. Tune up your golf uniform this year with a bucket hat that keeps the sun off your face, fights sweat and looks great to boot. Our range of golf caps includes lightweight breathable hats to block the sun on the hottest of days. Picture yourself lining up a long putt late in your round, hoping for an eagle, sun blazing down from above. And then the sweat drops start. Just one or two drops at first, and the next thing you know, your concentration is blown and you have to reach for a towel to wipe your brow. If only you had a wide-brim golf hat with a sweat-wicking headband, you'd be celebrating your shot by now.

Extend your comfort zone on the golf course with a golf wide-brim bucket hat. From blistering sunny days to foggy rainy days, a wide-brim golf hat is your ticket to playing through more weather conditions in comfort. We have golf hats made for wet weather. We're talking about waterproof hats with a classic bucket shape and featuring adidas RAIN.RDY to keep you dry when the clouds and showers move in. What's a little rain when you have a nice wide-brim bucket hat to shed the drops? It allows you to stay focused on making your tee time. You can choose from classic designs that match any golf uniform, like solid black hats and simple white golf hats. We also have camouflage hats and neutral tan-colored hats. All of our wide-brim hats are clean and classic enough to wear off the course too. They are great for a sunny day at the beach or an adventurous day in the mountains.

Ball caps are great and have their place in every golfer's wardrobe, but a wide-brim golf sun hat is your best partner for playing a full round in the heat of summer. The extended brim of a bucket hat does a better job of keeping sun off your neck and shoulders than a ball cap. And a built-in sweatband with adidas AEROREADY manages sweat to keep you feeling dry and fresh from tee-off to clubhouse. Add integrated venting, and you'll be able to keep your cool when the literal heat is on. A retaining strap secures your hat in windy conditions and lets you pull the hat aside when you step inside. Step onto the course ready to focus on your best game with a wide-brim golf hat from adidas. Our hats are so versatile that you'll find yourself reaching for one for more than just your next round of golf.

Don't let the weather change your plans. Dedicated golfers know how to dress for the conditions. And there's no better way to enjoy a damp or extra-sunny day on the course than with a wide-brim hat that lets you focus on enjoying a full 18-hole round of golf. Our wide-brim hats are easy to pack for travel days and easy to stow if the weather changes. Lightweight materials let your head breathe, so you can tune out the distractions and sink putt after putt. And it doesn't matter whether you're playing a social round or it's tournament day — you can wear a bucket hat on any course. The extra coverage of a wide brim not only shades your head and neck, but it also helps tune out visual distractions. No matter your skill level, shaving strokes takes focus. Set yourself up for success on your next round with the extra coverage of a golf bucket hat.