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The pitch is calling. Get in the game in girls' soccer gear that keeps kids focused between the sticks, on the wing or in the stands.
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soccer Sports and Training Wear for Girls

Girls soccer gear from adidas makes it easy for soccer girls to show their enthusiasm for a favorite team. The collection includes a variety of essentials for soccer girls of different ages, from infant sizes through teens. Available items include mini kits, infant kits, separates, safety gear and soccer shoes. Be ready to dominate the field during a competition game or to work out on the field with your teammates.

Choosing a mini kit or separates

When you choose a girls soccer mini kit, it saves time compared to shopping for separates and assures you of having a gameed uniform ready to wear. Separates, on the other hand, offer a mix-and-game ease that’s useful when you already have some garments to represent your favorite team. These mini kits from adidas are available for a variety of popular soccer clubs, so you can display your team colors with pride. Pick from classic pieces like shirts, shorts and socks, and look for features like moisture-wicking fabric for playing on hot days or garments made from recycled fibers that support an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

soccer footwear for different playing surfaces

Girls soccer shoes are designed to be used on different types of playing surfaces. For training on indoor surfaces, look for soccer shoes with rubbery, non-marking soles, and select cleats designed for harder or softer surfaces when choosing shoes for outdoor games. Cleats offer traction and enhanced control over the ball when playing on an outdoor field.

Safety accessories to add to your kit

soccer girls need safety gear – especially shin guards – to keep them playing at their best. Shin guards come in various styles, including a pocket that slides inside a pair of knee socks or guards that strap securely around the leg. Notable features include an EVA outer shield and foam padding inside the shield that provides a cushioning layer to protect the shin against hard impacts.