Cycling Shoes

Take on every road and challenging slope in a pair of adidas cycling shoes. Whether you ride indoors or adventure on the road, there are many options to choose from.

adidas Cycling Shoes

On mountain sides and on stationary bikes, adidas cycling shoes are made to pedal. Performance-focused or with a lifestyle twist, you can find the style and fit that works best for you. When you’re taking off down the mountain or on the road, your shoes should be comfortable and secure on your pedals. Clip-in bike shoes deliver a secure, locked-in feel for your feet and offer efficient power transfer to the bike. Five Ten bike shoes are made for tough trails with abrasion-resistant uppers. The stiff midsole helps you power each pedal stroke.

Step off your bike right into the rest of your day without missing a beat in Velosamba cycling sneakers. You can roll through your workout and then hit the city in one versatile look. Clip compatible with a reinforced plate for effective pedaling, the Velosamba combines the functionality of a bike shoe with the timeless design of the iconic Samba. The signature suede t-toe offers added durability as you ride, while reflective 3-Stripes details to help you stand out from the pack. Clipless or clipped in, you’re ready to go with multitalented cycling shoes that can do both. Shop adidas for cycling shoes that match your speed and your lifestyle.

Cycling Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cycling shoes do make a difference in cycling performance. They are designed specifically for cycling, with features like stiff soles for efficient power transfer, secure closures for a snug fit and compatibility with clipless pedal systems. Cycling shoes can improve pedaling efficiency, comfort and overall performance on the bike.
Determining the best cycling shoes depends on personal preference, riding style and specific needs. It's important to consider factors like fit, stiffness, closure system and compatibility with pedal systems to find the best shoes for your cycling endeavors.
While you can technically wear any shoes for cycling, using dedicated cycling shoes is highly recommended for optimal performance and comfort. Regular shoes lack the necessary stiffness, grip and compatibility with pedal systems that cycling shoes offer, which can affect your efficiency, power transfer and overall cycling experience.