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Cotton Golf Pants

Stride onto the course with confidence in a pair of comfortable cotton golf pants. Engineered to support every swing, they come in a range of styles.

adidas Cotton Golf Pants

When you're suiting up for an afternoon on the course, comfort is your friend. That's why adidas offers a wide range of cotton golf pants to suit every style and need. After a long round, the natural feel of their cotton and cotton-blend constructions will add confidence to your stride as you walk up the 18th fairway with the green well in reach. What's more, with a number of eye-catching styles available, you're bound to look the part even when you're wading through the long stuff searching for a wayward ball (sure, you meant to land it there!).

As with all its performance apparel, adidas designs its cotton golf pants to support you through every sport-specific motion. That's why you'll find cotton-blend pants that stretch sufficiently to keep you comfortable through every drive, chip and putt. In fact, there are cotton golf joggers for every requirement. Some have an array of pockets for tees, balls, scorecards and more. Others are designed to blend in on and off the course, so you can keep them on when you hit the 19th hole and for your journey home. However you play, make sure you do it in comfort by choosing a pair of cotton golf pants from our range.