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Columbus Crew Jackets


Look awesome in Columbus Crew jackets

If you’re an enthusiast of sports jackets, consider getting some Columbus Crew jackets. Made using 100% recycled polyester double knit, these jackets are among the few eco-friendly sports jackets available for purchase. They feature zip pockets, full zips with stand-up collars, and a knitted adidas logo. They also feature heat-sealed stripes, back neck taping, and Raglan sleeves.

Track jackets you can be proud of owning

Columbus Crew jackets are, to say the least, superb track jackets. While wearing one, you can count on being sweat-free throughout your soccer training session, as these jackets are made with moisture-absorbing material. While wearing your jacket, you can also count on being exceptionally comfortable, as Columbus Crew jackets are lightweight. Given that these jackets are comfortable, they’ve morphed into streetwear. Thus, if you purchase one, you can wear it when you want to go to a grocery store, a family and friends’ event, or even a fitness center. You can also wear it when you want to take your pet out for a stroll.

How to lengthen the lifespan of your jacket

Columbus Crew jackets are made with extremely durable materials. As this is the case, these jackets can remain in shape for an extremely long duration, so long as they are properly cared for. If you get yourself one, it’s fair to state that you’d love for it to last. To achieve this goal, there are certain practices you should practice when handling your jacket. These practices include turning your jacket inside out whenever you want to wash washing it, washing it in cold water and not warm water, and avoiding using a bleaching agent when washing it. After you’re done washing it, it’s in your best interest to hang it in the shade. In the event that you want to use a machine to dry it, you should set the machine to tumble dry.