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Climaheat Clothes & Shoes



When winter hits and the temperature drops, you will need adequate clothing so you can easily go about your daily activities in any type of weather. Winter wear by adidas has been designed to incorporate the special climaheat technology that is designed to keep you warm without adding bulk. You will be able to find it in a variety of our styles, from tops such as jerseys and long sleeved tops to bottoms such as tracksuits, Pants and tights and jackets such as hoodies, windbreakers and down jackets. Some winter shoes and accessories such as gloves and scarves have also been designed to included adidas climaheat for superior warmth.

It's all about natural warmth

When incorporated into a garment, climaheat technology by adidas gives it an insulating characteristic. This is achieved through the use of hollow fibers, which have the ability to trap your body heat. Using adidas climaheat, your Pants or shirt will act much like a natural heater, so you will have a higher amount of warmth using fewer layers of clothing, keeping you free to move around easily, even in the coldest temperatures. In addition to its superior warmth characteristics, items equipped with this technology have the ability to dry quicker, ensuring comfort on multiple levels, as you won’t have to worry about sweat or light rain keeping you wet.

As stylish as it gets

The adidas range of climaheat winter wear doesn’t only provide warmth, but provides a large variety of styles and you are guaranteed to find the item just for you. You’ll be able to choose from clothing with a regular cut that gives you more space to move or fitted cuts for a snug and modern feeling, and you’ll find everything from items with classic and simple colors to those with bright patterns and designs. This adidas range has something to suit every taste.