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Boys' Winter Clothes


boys winter clothing

Our range of adidas boys winter clothing has everything you need for your precious little one during the cold winter months. Get your little boy snuggled up, warm and cozy in our suits and padded jackets. Your child will be winter ready in our boys winter clothing outfits, prepared to play, keep active and explore in all types of weather. From winter coats to fleece joggers, we'll have options you'll love with fits that are just right for your child, not too tight nor loose against the skin.


Recycled polyester is the main material used for the garments to save resources and reduce waste that harms the environment. Padding will keep your child warm on cold days, so you can brave the chilly weather and get crunching those leaves on your winter walks. Detachable hoods can be worn to suit the weather and polyester filling gives the jackets the warmth you need. Zip up features and curved hems protect your child from the wind. Zip pockets let them keep their essentials tucked away and secure. Explore our boys winter clothing range to find garments you'll love.

Fleece jogger sets

You'll find our luxurious two piece fleece jogger sets are the perfect clothing to pop under outerwear for an extra layer of warmth. Our quality boys winter clothes will have boys ready to embrace the cold season in style. Our adidas logos give the sets style, and bold colors add a splash of excitement to the outfits. The innovative range of boys winter clothing will have your toddler ready to play sport in no time at all. Your child will love the way these sets feel, and they’re made from durable materials so they can be worn time and time again, giving you top quality clothing that is great value for money.