Boys' Underwear

adidas boys' underwear provides the comfort and style active kids need for all their daily adventures. Breathable and stretchy, made from a cotton blend for softness, boys' boxer briefs have a no-ride-up design to ensure they stay in place with zero bunching. Tagless waistbands minimize chafing and distraction. Constructed with durability in mind, this underwear will stand up to countless washes and wears. Invest in their comfort from the inside out with boys' underwear from adidas.

adidas Boys' Underwear

Feeling confident comes from within, but it can also come from a quality baselayer of boys' underwear. Keep your boy feeling confident and comfortable in a pair of adidas boxer briefs. Made with a wide waistband, these boxers provide a secure fit for all his daily activities. He'll love sporting the adidas Badge of Sport on his drawers, giving him the drive to embody his favorite athletes. Whether your son prefers soft and stretchy briefs or sporty boxer briefs, adidas has an assortment of options to fit the way he moves. The breathable fabric provides airflow, wicks away moisture and allows for flexibility — all of which accommodate the expected and unexpected encounters of an active young man. Every boy needs a pair of quality underwear. So stock your son's dresser with the latest from the adidas boys' underwear line to keep him cool, dry and comfortable from playground to chill out and everywhere in between!

Prep your kids for a day of play with the right kinds of boys' underwear. Whether your little one is looking for a comfortable pair of briefs or some extra coverage with boxers, there's something perfect to meet his needs. Youth briefs are designed to move with him, so he can do what he does without feeling held back. Plus the lightweight fabric helps to keep him cool when things start to heat up on the playground. These adidas briefs combine comfort and ease of movement with extra coverage for added security. It's just like wearing shorts, even when you don't have any on! He'll just slide these boxer briefs on and enjoy the breathable construction that keeps them comfortable all day long. With something for everyone, these boys' underwear options are perfect for active kids who need a little extra freedom while they climb the jungle gym and comfort while they ride the seesaw.

When you're looking for the right wear for under there, look no further than adidas boys' underwear. Stretchy, soft fabric provides a snug fit for active movers. Longer briefs are a great choice for athletes because they won't ride up and wad up at the crotch. When he's playing front striker or guarding the goal, his undershorts are sure to move with him. Or when he's on the football field, his pants are already tight so as to hold his safety gear in place and there's not much room left for underwear. Long-form elastane boxer briefs are made for fitting under his uniform snuggly and without bunching up, so he can focus on the game. They're made with smooth stitching and a tagless waistband, so he will forget he's even wearing this underwear. Once forgotten, he will soon remember in the locker room when he looks down and sees the bold colors and fun designs! Boys' underwear from adidas comes in all kinds of prints and colors to ensure your son looks as good as he feels under there.

Boxer briefs are the quintessential undergarment for layering. At the pool in loose-fitting swim trunks, boxer briefs fit as a security layer while the water pushes around his outer shorts. Boys don't want to be caught with their shorts down around their ankles, but if they are, he'll want a set of snug-fitting boxer briefs there to cover him up. Joggers and sprinters have to acclimate to the uniform running shorts being short. The best way to wear them is atop a set of boxer briefs that move with his stride and that offer coverage while his light pair of shorts blows in the wind. Biking on the half-pipe course or on the mountain trail requires a lot of transitions between standing and sitting. That's why bikers usually wear tight-fitting kits in a race or loose-fitting apparel on the BMX track. Under those clothes, you don't want his underwear pulling and creasing in his sensitive areas while he's on his bike. The line of adidas boys' underwear is made for seamless changeover and upheaval, on and off the course. Shop adidas boys' underwear today to find the perfect undergarment for your son's everyday needs.