Boys' Socks

Our boys’ socks don’t compromise on anything. Not on comfort, performance or style. They’ll feel good whether they’re playing ball or hanging out.

adidas Boys' Socks

Keep your little one's feet comfortable and dry with boys' socks from a variety of brands. Whether he's hitting the basketball court, running on a trail or just kicking back, the right pair of boys' socks can make all the difference in his comfort and performance. Socks are just as important as a great pair of shoes because they are the first line of defense for sweat and blisters. The last thing your boy needs is a sock that slips below his heel. It's uncomfortable and can cause the back of his ankle to rub against his shoes. The best pair of socks for him depend on his activity level. Whether it's for running, playing sports, or school days, comfortable and supportive socks are essential! Check out our wide selection of athletic socks for boys in a variety of colors and styles. Let his feet have a say in the adventure—explore our collection of boys' sport socks today!

No matter the season, boys need socks that can keep up with their active lifestyles. Whether he's looking for sport socks, crew socks or anything in between, you can find boys' crew socks for every activity. Running track and field is no easy task. Just as the shoe is an important part of a runner's equipment, so is the sock. A basic low-cut sock is the perfect pair with running or track shoes. Every second counts, which is why these light-weight socks are ideal for breaking the tape. Thickness is also important for your little runner's feet. Depending on the fit of his shoes, the thickness of his socks can be helpful for providing better support. For added durability and comfort, our boys' workout socks are designed with reinforced toes and heels so he won't have to run with holes in his socks. These classic sporty socks come with a simple adidas Trefoil or the combination with the 3-Stripes in a multitude of colors, so while he's wearing the uniform, he can still show he's got sock personality.

For every workout or soccer game, he'll appreciate these lightweight boys' sport socks that offer arch support and ventilation. With moisture-wicking fabric, these socks help keep him cool and comfortable during practice and all his big games. Ankle-cuts are ideal to wear with high top basketball shoes without the extra material. Longer socks are easily worn over protection gear in soccer and football to keep his shins safe. And if he's out on the diamond, longer socks will protect your baseball player while he slides to home base. Thick, durable socks help to prevent against pesky blisters when he's hard at play. These socks come in a variety of lengths, from ankle to high-cut styles that provide extra coverage up to his calf area. Get your little one ready for all his favorite activities with a selection of boys' socks!

Out and about or just chilling in the house, socks are crucial for feeling relaxed. Slipping and sliding around the house, boys can enjoy the softness on their feet while also having enough room to move around. Socks shouldn't be tight and constricting, but he'll know they are the right socks for him when he doesn't even notice he has them on. Crew socks give your little one a comfy fit regardless of what they're wearing. This style pairs perfectly with trainers and track pants, as well as highlighting them while wearing shorts. A versatile cut, crews are also worn with slacks and dress shoes for a special event. Low-cut socks go great with sneakers and jeans or shorts when he wants to have that no-show sock look. Or for those fashionable, yet, relaxed days, pair some long socks with a pair of pool slides to get him from the couch to the store without much fuss. Browse the collection of boys' socks, and dress him up comfortably from the feet up.