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BOA Laces

Dial in the perfect fit in shoes with BOA laces from adidas. Make micro-adjustments on the go to keep your feet comfortable and supported as you move.

adidas Shoes With Boa Laces

Make your life easy with BOA® Fit System laces from adidas. Fine-tune your fit with micro-adjustments made easy with adidas shoes with BOA® Fit System. Getting the perfect-fitting shoes has never been so easy — all at the turn of a dial. Say goodbye to laces that come undone, ill-fitting sneakers and poor lockdown. Now you can lace up in one simple step and ensure you have the fit you want all day long. Designed with comfort at the forefront, the BOA® Fit System is now featured on your favorite sport-specific shoes, making it easier than ever to get out to enjoy the sport you love. The ease of use and quick slide-in style is changing the game, and not just for sports people. Just turn the dial to lace up and go. It really is that simple to get the perfect fit every time. If you need to make a change as you play, it's an easy snap adjustment — just push and twist.

Never trip over your laces again. Never lose that perfect fit. Save time on your busy morning rush to work. Slide on your shoes in a hurry. Slide them off just as easily. The benefits of the BOA® Fit System are endless. And in addition to the secure fit, the soft underfoot cushioning keeps you moving comfortably and feeling light on your feet. adidas Bounce technology will make sure of that, keeping your feet feeling lighter for longer. Shoes with adidas Boost midsoles return energy to your stride, so the more you give, the more you get back. Breathable uppers conform to your feet for maximum comfort and stability throughout your day. Grippy outsoles offer confident footing for everything from afternoon jogs, off-trail rock-hopping and playground games. Dial in your favorite fit and feel at the push of a button with adidas shoes with BOA® Fit System.

Pair innovation with performance. Choose sport-specific shoes to match your ambitions, and get performance features tailored for your preferences. Some shoes are perfect for heavy walking sports, and they're built for comfort and composure on the links and in the mountains. Get your stride on up the trails and down the mountains as you explore the world on two feet. Do it distraction-free and never worry about your feet again. Open up new possibilities with clip-in road cycling shoes. Descend hills and breeze through the wind as you train for your next race. Or get in the swing of things with BOA® Fit System golf shoes. Take your performance to the next level with spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Tour-level performance has never looked so good.

Adjust your outlook on laces with adidas. Bored of retying laces that keep coming undone? Fed up with conventional laces that are either too long or too short? Ready for the next best technology to sweep you off your feet and make life easy? Try out adidas shoes with BOA® Fit System, and make a difference to your day. With men's, women's and kids' options available, you're sure to find something the whole family likes. The ease of use of the BOA® Fit System technology makes them the ideal choice for children too. Give kids the independence to tie their own shoes and get out and play. Choose styles and designs that match your personal taste for a sporty style that will turn heads. A range of colors will help you put your own spin on things. So why not try the new innovation of the BOA® Fit System? Get out and enjoy the sport you love, faster, easier and without distractions. Now you can focus on being at your best and chasing your dreams of podium finishes and gold medals. Make it easy. Find the perfect fit for your feet and lifestyle with adidas shoes with BOA® Fit System laces.