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Children Training Blue Performance Midway Briefs 3 PairsChildren Training Blue Performance Midway Briefs 3 Pairs

Performance Midway Briefs 3 Pairs

Children Training

Blue underwear

A comfortable fit is key when it comes to underwear, whether it be for sport or otherwise. No compromises. With blue underwear you'll be well prepared.

Made for creators – adidas blue underwear

You will find trends that already have potential legendary status in the underwear collections of brands such as Essentials or Performance.

Our brands combine street style with the needs of athletes

Performance represents that extra level of motivation and achievement.

We test new technologies like Climaheat under real-life conditions; on the track, field and court. Stay cool. Stay focused. Power through your workout with breathable materials and highly functional technologies like Climaheat.

Cotton and polyester are among the materials we use to produce our underwear. Anyone who is on the go throughout the day needs to be able to rely on a material that continues to feel good into the evening. Cotton is ideal as a material for casual wear because it's breathable and you don't sweat easily.

We support creativity and sportsmanship. Together, kids and men can break the rules and then rewrite them, only to then question them again. While workout don't let yourself be stopped and pursue precisely your own path.

The future starts now. Grab your blue underwear from adidas – and your time is now.