Blue Slip-On Shoes

Keep it simple with blue slip-on shoes from adidas. Whether you're lounging by the pool or exploring the city, soft cushioning will keep you comfortable.

adidas Blue Slip On Shoes

Whether you're headed to a sports practice or running errands around town, you'll love the convenience and comfort of adidas blue slip-on shoes. Sometimes there's no time for laces when you're running out the door. Blue slip-on sneakers appeal to both kids and busy adults. Just slide your feet in and go. You just shaved minutes off your day. Durable and easily washable, these shoes will be your go-tos for many seasons. Wear them with socks in the winter and let your toes hang out on warm summer days. Fun and energetic, adidas blue slip-on shoes brighten any outfit with a pop of color.

Our bright blue slip-on shoes are a fan favorite of both athletes and comfort enthusiasts. For soccer players who don't want to wear down their cleats, our light blue slip-on shoes are a must-have. They are a staple for swimmers who wear them to the pool's edge on cold mornings. Keep your feet warm and protected from the bumpy ground in classic dark blue slip-on shoes. Perfect for weekends, wear slip-ons to a yoga class or to a casual brunch with friends. Update your wardrobe with adidas blue slip on shoes, a staple for your feet.