Blue Sandals


Experience practicality, style and comfort with our blue sandals

Summer shoes in particular have a reputation for causing blisters, putting pressure on vulnerable areas of your feet and having weak soles that barely support you – but with adidas blue sandals these problems belong to the past. Benefit from a lightweight EVA midsole that cushions your feet optimally and stylish designs that will amaze young and old. Our blue sandals for kids, for example, sport fun patterns that make these shoes not only a comfortable fit for growing feet, but also a stylish fashion choice for little ones.

Experience maximum support for your feet with adidas summer shoes in blue

With our blue sandals there’s no slipping out of your shoes any more, as our products feature a contoured footbed that gives your feet the ideal support. This contoured footbed also ensures that any water getting into the shoe is guided efficiently out again. The EVA sole features flex grooves to mimic the natural movement of the foot and give you a feeling of running around barefoot. Made from EVA material, the risk of sliding out of the shoe or slipping on a wet surface is reduced for increased safety.

A quick slip for your kid

As part of our blue sandal range we feature many models specifically designed for children. With straps at both the ankles and forefoot, getting in and out of their shoes becomes a quick and easy undertaking. The straps are adjustable, so they can grow with your child over time. Available in designs that appeal to both girls and boys, you can find a loyal and supportive summer companion that ensures water and sand are drained from the shoe thanks to the cleverly designed footbed. With a slim fit, these blue sandals give growing feet a locked-in feeling despite being open-toed, so your child has the necessary footing for all the adventures they want to undertake.