adidas / February 2023

adidas Hat Size Guide

Curious about what hat size you wear? Use our adidas hat size chart to determine your ideal cap size.

A hat that doesn’t fit right is a hat that never gets worn. Too loose, and that thing will fall off. Too tight, and you’re asking for a headache in no time. But for something you don’t normally measure, how do you know what size to get?
Hats come in all shapes and are often labeled with different size types based on the style. Hats like beanies, bucket hats, snapback hats, and strap-back hats (aka dad hats) are often listed as “One Size Fits Most (or All)” since they are stretchy or have an adjustable strap to help secure the fit.
Fitted baseball caps without a back strap are more dependent on your head size to fit properly. They are typically designed in combined small/medium and large/extra-large sizes. For these, it’s best to take a measurement and compare it to an adidas baseball cap size chart to find your ideal fit.

How To Measure Your Head Size

Learn your adidas hat size by taking a measurement and matching it with the adidas hat size chart.
  1. Grab a flexible tape measure. You can also use a long piece of string and measure it afterward with a rigid tape measure.
  2. Wrap the tape measure or string around your head, about an inch or two above your eyebrows. Pinch the ends and remove the tape measure from your head.
  3. Record the measurement and compare it to the adidas cap size chart below.

adidas Hat Size Chart

Got your head measurement? Now match it up with the chart below to find your size. OSFA means One Size Fits All in that category.

What Is OSFW HAT Size?

OSFW stands for One Size Fits Women. This means that this hat will likely fit most adult women’s heads.

What Is OSFM Hat Size?

OSFM stands for One Size Fits Men. A hat listed with this sizing will likely fit most men’s heads. Sometimes OSFM can stand for One Size Fits Most if it is designed to be a unisex fit.

What Is OSFY Hat Size?

OSFY stands for One Size Fits Youth, and a hat with this sizing will fit most kids aged 9-16 years old.
adidas / February 2023