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What Is Mobility Training?

Get ready to move like never before. Improve mobility in your body with adidas to take your fitness game and quality of life to the next level.

Mobility is your body’s ability to move around. Often confused with stretching, mobility allows you to move your body freely while stretching focuses on lengthening your muscles. Mobility is essential in all areas of your life. A mobile body is healthier, more relaxed, and limber compared to a body that is tight and riddled with knots and pains. The benefits of mobility are endless. From increasing strength to enhancing athletic performance to relieving pain and tension in the body, mobility is critical for people from all walks of life and professions. Ready to learn more about how to improve your mobility, read below to improve your lifestyle.

Mobility Training 101

Mobility training combines exercises that increase the range of motion, stabilization, and control within your joints and surrounding muscles. Mobility training focuses on exercises and movements that prioritize flexibility, balance, and strength.

Benefits of Mobility Overall

The benefits of mobility are hard to look past. Whether you are a gym enthusiast, athlete, or someone looking to stay healthy in their later years, adding mobility training into your fitness routine will will benefit your body and for many years to come.

01: Reduce Risk of Injury

Mobility corrects muscle imbalances in your body, decreasing your risk of injury.

02: Improve Ease of Movement

Mobility increases your body's range of motion and freedom of movement, which can help eliminate muscle stiffness and help you move easily.

03: Increase Strength and Power

Mobility training helps you build stronger and more adaptive muscles. When your body is fully mobile, you’re better able to utilize your muscles and optimize your training.

04: Releases Stress

Mobility exercises are known to help you release stress and feel calmer and more in tune with your body.

Benefits of Hip Mobility

A commonly tight area, your hips create a strong foundation for your upper and lower body, helping you to walk, run, jump, and live a comfortable life. Tend to these muscles through specific hip mobility exercises to help stretch and strengthen this area so you can move with ease, avoid injury, and add power to your athletic movements.

Benefits of Shoulder Mobility

The muscles in your shoulders are essential and used daily to help facilitate common movements. Whether carrying groceries or throwing a ball, your shoulders always come into play and deserve attention and support. Take care of these mobile joints by enhancing your shoulder mobility to allow you to move through life’s activities with control and comfort.

Let's Get Mobile

Mobility training is diverse and allows you to easily adapt your training routine to meet your needs and fit into your schedule. Start by focusing on one or two parts of the body, like your shoulders and hips, where you want to increase your mobility. Regularly doing mobility work can improve your overall quality of life, release tension in the body, and level up your fitness. So, start slow, but be consistent, dedicated, and open to getting mobile and elevating your overall health and lifestyle.