adidas / July 2022

Best adidas Shoes For First Responders

In need of all-day comfort? Check out the best adidas shoes for first responders that will support you, plus learn how to receive the adidas first responders discount.

When responding to an emergency, it’s imperative to remain calm and comfortable. Being on foot all day means that feeling starts with supportive shoes. Explore our lists of the top adidas shoes for first responders, doctors and nurses through our editorials below to find a shoe that offers everything you need. As a special thank you from adidas, first responders receive 30% off when verified through ID.ME, so visit our adidas healthcare discount page to sign up.


A lot of factors go into choosing a good shoe for doctors. Comfort comes first, but other features like breathability, traction and how easy they are to clean are important as well. We’ve covered all the options to keep you looking fresh and your feet feeling good.


Scope out the best shoes for all-day comfort and durability through the toughest of shifts. From laces to slip-ons, vibrant colors to neutral patterns, these shoes for nurses all have one thing in common: extreme comfort for all-day wear.


As a special thank you to show our appreciation, all verified medical professionals, first responders, nurses and doctors can enjoy an exclusive discount of 30% online and in-store and 20% at factory outlets. 
Shop for the best comfort shoes for your job and be sure to sign up to receive your adidas first responders discount before purchasing.
adidas / July 2022