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Physical Activities for Kids at Home

Need to burn some energy and get your little ones active? Try these fun indoor physical activities for kids that you can do at home with limited space.

Physical Activities for Kids at Home

Kids need a way to get moving, whether they have the great outdoors to explore or they’re stuck inside for the winter. Physical activities for kids are important for their mental and physical health and are a fun way to burn all that extra energy throughout the day. Try these activities brought to you by BOKS, the nonprofit program that brings free resources and classes to kids around the world to help them get active and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are three physical activity games for kids that you can do with limited space, but be sure to check out the BOKS website for even more fun games to try.

Activity #1

BOKS Give Me Ten
Do each activity ten times. Repeat the series as many times as you’d like.
1. Jump Rope
Pretend you have a jump rope in your hand and jump with both feet or alternating as if you were jumping rope.
2. Elbow to Knee
Lift your right knee and touch your left elbow to it, then lift your left knee and touch your right elbow to it. 
3. Mummy Kicks
Raise your arms parallel to the ground in front of you and kick your legs out quickly. Cross your arms over one another with each kick.
4. Side Lunges
Standing with both legs together, lunge to the left, bending into your left knee while keeping your right leg straight. Repeat on the other side, completing five on each leg to reach ten total.
5. Star Jacks
Squat, then jump up as high as you can while spreading your arms and legs out wide like a star. Land in a squat position and repeat.
6. Squat Punch
Hold a squat position while punching your arms out in front of you.
7. Tire Jumps
Jump while alternating your legs, as if you are jumping between two tires laying on the ground. Pump your arms to get more momentum and use up the last of your energy!

Activity #2

BOKS Bingo Burst
Perform activities that match each letter of the word BINGO for 30 seconds before moving to the next letter.
1. B: Burpees
Jump up, land in a squat, jump out into a plank, then jump your feet toward your hands and return to the starting position. 
2. I: Inchworms
Start standing and lower your torso down to walk your hands out into a plank. Walk your feet toward your hands, and alternate hands and feet just like an inchworm. Repeat for 30 seconds.
3. N: Narrow-Knee Squats
Stand with your feet together, and squat down as if you’re sitting in a chair. 
4. G: Gallop in a Circle
Lead with your left leg while dragging your right foot behind you to create some resistance. After 15 seconds, switch legs and go in the other direction.
5. O: Over the Hurdle
Imagine there is a hurdle in front of you about 3 feet tall. Take a running start and jump over it, leading with your right foot.  Do this for 15 seconds before switching to lead with your left foot.

Activity #3

BOKS 100 Point Challenge
Ready for a fun and fast-paced challenge? First, choose how you’ll play by picking one of these methods. 
1. See how many points you can score in a designated amount of time. For example, set your timer to five minutes and do as many activities as you can and see how close you can get to 100 points. Tip: Go for the high scoring blue and red activities to earn more points!
2. Challenge yourself to see if you can score the whole 100 points in a day or over the course of a week. By doing little bursts of exercise throughout your day, you’ll stay active and be more energized, especially during school days.
3. Get with a partner and see how fast you can score 100 points together. Set a stopwatch, and you can have someone call out the exercises to each of you.
Once you choose how you’ll play the game, you can score points by picking exercises from the chart below and marking them off once complete. At the end of the challenge, add up your points to see how close you got to 100.

Make Movement a Part of Your Everyday

Exercise is an important part of the day. After your kids get active, you’ll notice a big difference in their ability to focus and feel less stressed. Visit the BOKS website for more fun activities and games, and sign up for the BOKS Fitness Calendar and the BOKS “Are You Game?” activity book, which provides 21 easy physical activity games that kids can do at home. Now that you have all the tools, it’s time to get moving!
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