adidas / December 2020
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A morning stretch routine to start your day right

Wake up on the right side of the bed with this quick morning stretch routine from adidas. With just five simple stretches, you’ll feel ready to ace your day ahead.

Creating a Morning Routine for Success
We all know how easy it is to go from snoozing your phone alarm to scrolling the latest news and Instagram pics. As tempting as it is to use the blue light from our phones to wake up, this habit can increase stress and anxiety for what the day has in store before we even get out of bed. Instead, try spending a few minutes in the morning just with yourself, sans phone screen. Creating a wholesome morning routine is healthy for your mindset, productivity and mood throughout the day, and after a full night of sleep, morning stretches are just the thing to get you going. 
Benefits of Stretching in the Morning
Stretching and gentle movement helps wake you up naturally and prep your body for the day. It can help ease any aches and pains you might be prone to, or loosen up your sore muscles from yesterday’s workout. Plus, the relaxing breathing that accompanies stretches can lower your stress levels and calm the body and mind if you wake up anxious. 
A Good Morning Stretch Routine in 5 Easy Moves
How you customize your morning routine is up to you. Whether you stretch shortly after waking up or after eating breakfast is up to you—you’ll get the same rejuvenating benefits either way.
If you are starting right after opening your eyes, we recommend first getting out of bed and drinking a glass of water. Find a spot on your floor or a yoga mat where you’ll have room to extend your arms and legs, and wear comfortable clothing (hint: you can stay in your PJ’s if you want). 
Let’s get started:
Supine Leg Cradle 

1. Laying on your back, bring your right knee toward your chest. 
2. Use your hands to lightly pull your shin and knee closer toward your chest to feel a stretch in your outer right hip. 
3. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat with the other leg.
Cat-Cow Pose

1. With hands and knees in an all-fours position, breathe in as you look up toward the ceiling and drop your belly toward the floor. You’ll feel a stretch in your chest and abdomen. Tip: Keep your shoulders away from your ears and keep your chest broad. 
2. Breathe out as you look toward the floor and round your back up toward the ceiling, drawing your belly in toward your spine. You’ll feel a stretch in your upper back. 
3. Inhale and return to cow pose, repeating these moves 4 to 6 times.
Glute Bridge Hold

1. Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 
2. Breathe in as you lift your hips toward the ceiling. You’ll feel a slight stretch in your hip flexors and activation in your glutes. Hold for 3 seconds.
3. Breathe out as you lower your hips toward the ground. Repeat this movement 4 times.
Downward Dog

1. Begin with hands and knees on the ground and spine and neck in a neutral position.
2. Breathe in as you lift your knees to straighten them, reaching your hips toward the ceiling.
3. You’ll feel a stretch in your hamstrings and calves. Don’t worry if your heels don’t touch the floor. 
4. To feel an additional calf stretch, alternate bending each knee.
5. Hold this position for about 5 seconds or as long as you’d like, breathing in and out, and exhaling to return to the starting position.
“World’s Greatest Stretch”

1. Beginning standing, extend your right leg back into a runner’s lunge. Hold for 3 seconds. Optional: Raise your left hand toward the sky to open your chest.
2. Move your hips back, straightening both legs to feel a stretch in your left hamstring. Hold for 3 seconds. Tip: Your knees can have a slight bend in them to make this pose easier.
3. Bend your front knee to return to a runner’s lunge, and lower your back knee to the floor.
4. Raise your torso into an upright position to feel a stretch in your right hip flexor. Hold for 3 seconds.
5. Return to a standing position. Repeat sequence 3 times.
Now it’s time to stretch! Try implementing these moves into your morning routine to start your day right.
adidas / December 2020
4 Minute Read